January 22, 2010

FRIDAY! About Time You Showed Up

Oh dear friends, I missed you today. I got trapped - trapped I tell you - in a terrible day at the office. But it's Friday. Two extremely large cups of tea into the day and I'm starting to feel slightly more alive. Apologies if I seem a bit murky...you see, it was a shitty day overwhelmed with absolutely frustrating labour without a break. I won't bore you with work stuff but have you ever had one of those days after which you feel wholly and entirely overpowered? That was my day today. In any case, that's ended and, since I've pulled so many epic days recently, I'm glad tomorrow is an off. Needless to say, there's been no Friday happy-dancing going on this evening. But that’s only because I'm way tired.

What's today? Well, okay, yes, it’s Friday. But really, the answer I'm going for is De-lurking Day!
Today is the day for my readers to come out of hiding for a couple minutes to comment and say hello. And for all of you who quite regularly comment here? I want to hear from you today too.

And since it’s the whole Friday music thing I figured I'd better give you something good. I was thinking about the whole acoustic thing a little while ago and remembered an old song that I love. Just hit play if you don’t want to read a little bit about the artist...
Joshua Radin released two albums: We Were Here (2006), and Simple Times (2008). They’re both essential. Just buy them. I’d like to think that, in 20 or 30 years or so, when the musical wheel turns and the world reassesses all that has been overlooked, these albums will be recognized as the stunning successes they are. Joshua Radin is a comparatively new artist has been making music for four years now. If you like Acoustic and Folk music, you might like him. His albums have been critically acclaimed and have received an ardent listener comeback. It’s an incredibly amazing body of work. Do yourself a favor and check him out now, before the musical wheel turns. Joshua Radin with ‘Only You’

January 18, 2010

I have decided to watch American Idol this season because it’s said to be the last season of Simon Cowell as judge and Simon Fuller as writer of the show. But here’s a funny fact of AI. If it proves to be a representation of society, then it shows a ridiculously soaring population of people who are just clearly kookoo. There are a lot of people who, as it appears, have no self-control systems, are nuts and/or absolutely psychos, and enclose themselves with friends and family who have the same opinion that they're brilliant when they, in reality, sound like dying animals.

Folks, you need to start taping your voices before you try out for the biggest competition in your country. Apart from torturing people with voices you never thought you had, I simply can’t believe some people are so dense to not know if they can sing or not. If I ever decide to sing in public, shoot me before I hurt anyone.

Oooh, the degree of separation between me and cute guy is about to shrink by a factor of about a thousand. I now sit just a few rows away from him. Just a note, I meant that in a totally non-freaky-stalkerish way. ... And I’m hoping this guy will help me out with a few tips.

I have nothing against R&B and Hip-Hop. In fact, their songs have formed the backbone of my music listening. And so I keep finding myself returning to this genre when I find a particular artist or song is a great pleasure to listen to. R&B found a new canon, and if the old standards will never entirely go away, there was plenty evidence that the genre was growing, incorporating the great music of the near past, just as it always has.

Alicia Keys was my great musical discovery of the past week. I missed catching up with the album as soon as it came out, dismissing it as miserable new school pop droning. My loss. Keys’ career started off good, lost her way in the middle and then got ridiculously great. And she saved the best for last. Keys’ released her most recent album 'The Element of Freedom' in December 15, 2009 that will, someday be recognized as one of R&B’s masterpieces.

January 15, 2010

It’s About Time to Meet You

Every afternoon when I walk down three floors to the cafeteria, I’m on the look out for cute guy. And every day, I try to wear on some courage, look him in the eye and try to think of some way to communicate with him in the two seconds we pass each other. Short of yelling “Hey!” or carrying a sign that says ‘HELLO SIR I THINK YOU ARE SO SO SO CUTE’, I have no idea.

He sort of looks like if Prince William got his act together and started working for some corporate firm. I like his glasses and his short cropped hair, his cute straight fit pants, and watching his lips widen into a smile - gives my heart this fluttery little pang. I’m pretty positive he has a girlfriend and although we glance at each other and never smile I have no doubt that he wouldn't pause a second to take a slug for me, were there slugs for the taking. Quite recently I found out that cute guy is into photography and has bought a camera similar to mine. I mean, if we ended up together, it’d be perfect, so I’m willing to build on that. Any dazzling and levelheaded thoughts, readers?

If you're expecting an exciting recap of the week, well, you're shit outta luck. Don't get me wrong - I had some fun. It was my parent’s 30th anniversary and the ways in which it was celebrated are pretty much a blur at this point. I recall lots of eating and old people.

But I’ve realized that my parents have understood the simple fact that relationships take constant maintenance. As they say, in marriage...you take the good, you take the bad, and you take it all. It will obviously take a long while for me to understand and make sense of this giant conundrum since I’m a sucker for the single life and that I revel in the sense of possibility. I like being able to focus primarily on me and my goals for now and I like being a single, 20-something woman in B’lore city, writing about my experiences. I have a bad habit of being a bit of an experience whore, but it’s at least gratifying, and I hope useful and/or amusing to those of you reading in some small way.
I’ve been blessed this year already; in that I’ve had an almost continual stream of new music to captivate my ears. One band that I seemed to have asked to listen to is Bright Eyes. Their clever brand of indie folk and rock is fascinating and attention-grabbing and the music in the track ‘Lover I Don't Have to Love’ is every bit as mischievous as you’d expect. But for some reason Conor Oberst’s voice adds just the right amount of gravity to make this song worth a second, third, or tenth listen.

Do come back often and read some of the regular posts where I basically tell you what you should listen and what you should not, and I succeed in compelling you that you’re not cool unless you’re just like me. Oh, and make sure you check back soon to catch more. Cheers.

January 11, 2010

Moving on

Blues band, Soulmate has been breaking down barriers and putting forward their musical identity, inspiring and cultivating a legion of fans. Some nearly-obsessive fans, including me, broke out in a frenzy when word finally leaked that the band was going to perform in B’lore before they took off to play at the music festival in Memphis. Last night was my first taste of the band’s music this year, and what a taste it was.

I journeyed by an auto to the Soulmate concert that took place on late Friday night at B-Flat (in B’lore). 9 of my friends and I, sprinted toward the venue, trying to make sure we caught good seats and didn’t have to stand it out until 11:30 P.M.
“Set Me Free” was the encore, and as we approached the end of the first set we found a massive crowd had formed, all to show the band their support. This time I would have to wait a while before I could speak to either Rudy (the guitarist) or Tips (the vocalist). Sad, but ecstatic about the show, I met fellow blogger, Anupama, to discuss how brilliant the band had been. And as the perfect emotional coda for the night, Rudy Wallang, dedicates one of the songs to me. I didn’t need to actually see or hear anything to know what was happening because everyone turned towards my direction.

The band was completely in sync and music of one of the best concerts of all-time was ringing in my ears. It had the usual buzz and exhilaration, but also melodies to sing along with, beats to bop your head to, lyrics that were fun and momentous. Tips’ voice and Rudy’s playing was transcendent and timeless; the music - entirely modern and original. Soulmate has shaped the Blues so that it can be well received by dance-happy teens as easily as it could be played to know-it-all 40-somethings. Songs, if not listened to live, can also be blasted from car speakers on a warm summer day or listened to tenderly on headphones on a rainy one.

Looking back at 2009 I reached that music that changed everything. And if you’ve kept an eye on this page you’ve realized it too. I put up as much about Soulmate in hopes that you guys will chime in the comments and share my favorite musical moments. It’s an epic band that can lift you up when down, fill your heart with happiness when it needs it, give you that kick, that sense of urgency to get going. This band is true testament, for the music scene, to wake the hell up.

I also want to thank my wonderful friends- Runa, Pete, Saina, Sama, Tamara, Kaushyk, Charlie, Anupama, Kanchan, Zoe, and all the others, on behalf of the band, for making it to the show.

P:S Those in Delhi, please catch Soulmate’s show on 14 Jan 2010, 09:00 PM at The HARD ROCK CAFÉ.

“Moving on”

January 06, 2010

It’s Wednesday.

I'm at work. And despite working three days this week, it feels like something I haven't done for, oh, months.

I haven't been able to doze off worth a damn for the past week and a half. I try. I eventually fall asleep but I always seem to wake up many times during the night. I'm up every morning by 5:00 even though I only have to be up by 7:00. Funny thing is I do manage to fall completely, wonderfully asleep about 20 minutes before the alarm goes off. Because of that, I've been touchy, sore and one of the single largest supporters of the tea industry in B’lore city. I was really wondering why all this was going down until I realized it has been a week and a half since I had a cigarette. I'm not losing my mind after all...well, at least no more than usual.

Now you might think that I would use this time to do what I love. That I would use it to check out new music. But for some reason I haven’t done it. And so that brings me to this post about Jump Little Children’s track entitled ‘Mexico’. I love this track and I owe my friend, Ajay, who led me to it. In fact I love the track so much it has been one of the few songs I’ve listened to over the past couple of months. It’s an amazing song and I feel that if I don’t share it with everyone it will be stuck in my head for ages and I won’t ever listen to another.

Soulmate is playing their last show for this year on Friday the 8th, before they take off for their international tour. If you are anywhere in the remote vicinity of the B-Flat Lounge, Indiranagar, I strongly encourage you to go and treat yourself to one of the most talented musicians in India. I know I've mentioned them far too many times on EC but it's only because I love their music and I try to support them in whichever way I can.

Do me a favor, do Soulmate a favor, do the local music scene a favor, or do your girlfriend/boyfriend a favor and take them to see Soulmate. And make sure you say hi to them after the show. You’ll probably leave friends.

January 02, 2010

Short Post


So, it’s the last few days of my Post Christmas Crazy Vacation and well, you're probably wondering what the hell that means.

I got sprung! Yep, my best friend from Doha (an air hostess who visits me once a year) came down on Saturday night and today; I finally had the chance to breathe. Despite the fact that it's been nearly five years, since I’ve been out like this. Dudes, it was cool. Food and fun. And just us girls! It allowed me to channel my inner 19-year old. Without the snorting and bad manners. My folks would have disapproved.

The company shutting down for the holidays was invaluable. As time goes by so quickly, you realize everything around you changes so fast. I don't think you ever really understand the magnitude of that statement until you see it in your friends and they see it in you. It's mind-boggling.

New Year’s was a pretty quiet event. The girls and I went out to eat at a beautiful local Thai place and then I headed to church.

Oh...and my new year's resolution? I resolve to maintain a better perspective at work. Still kick ass, but not get sucked into some of the drama, to read the Bible everyday, and to have a decent art portfolio.

As we move on ahead with another year and buy new calendars to replace the old ones, I just want to say thank you. Thanks to all of you who drop by and read whatever it is I've written about. Thanks to those of you who have had to say something about my posts and those who merely hang around. Some of you have been reading since I started this space. Here’s a hug. I can't believe I haven't bored you to tears yet.

I wish you all the best in the coming New Year. I hope 2010 treats you right and sees your dreams come true. Me, well, I'll be right here as always. I hope to see you around. Spread the word and be good to each other.

Aqualung is just about the most underappreciated artist on the face of the earth. Whenever I listen to him I feel like I'm being let in on a great secret. I have quite recently developed an undying love for this track called ‘Strange and Beautiful’. Maybe because it’s simple - it's just damn fine hopeful music.