July 29, 2008

I must admit that I spent Sunday holding my breath, waiting for Dex to call. By the second part of the day I just wanted to call him and discuss about the weather and slowly slip in lunch or dinner or clubbing this weekend but I held off lest I appear to be as hopelessly in love as I felt at that moment. I dreamt that night of lovely little moments, details of which I cannot disclose. But I’m positive that I would’ve had my own raving mass simply go ‘Awwwww…’ The dream was going smoothly and even I was impressed at how romantic I could be. Of course, it's at the moment when I'm the proudest of myself -friggin Monday- had to come up and bitch slap me across the face.

This is something my close friends know about me and I think it’s time I write about it on my blog. It’s always been difficult for me to go out on dinner dates. I always get nervy by the thought of eating in front of someone I don’t really know. I didn’t have this problem with Dex because he’s been around for like forever and I’ve embarrassed myself with him as much I possibly could. I’m a total klutz and I used to believe I was the most clumsiest person alive until I met the crooner (he’s far worse but so unflustered about it. Wish I could be like him). I swear the universe has it in for me. It’s always those wretched glasses that will break when I’m laughing or the fork that’ll jump out of my hand when I’m trying to make a point. Fortunately, my dates have found it cute and it is at this exact moment when I realize that my search for love hasn’t been entirely unsuccessful.

Enough about me now, there’s someone else I want to write about. (Yes, you heard. SOMEONE ELSE. I don’t think of myself all the time. Gosh, I’m starting to feel dizzy.)

Moving on. Adam (my new friend from Ohio) has given me his fiancĂ©’s demo CD.

He wanted me to listen to it and tell him what I thought about it. I’m honored that he would even want to know what I think of it. So, I gave the CD a listen. Not really my type of music but I thought her vocals were amazing. I can't seem to upload her track. Maybe sometime later when i figure this player out.

Happy Birthday Sheenz.

Brandi Carlile- Turpentine