June 16, 2008

Legacy of A Touch

Watching an out rightly hilarious video RJ recorded of me braying my drunken self away!!
On the evening of June 13th, the work gang met up at RJ’s place drinking and screaming out popular love songs. I would’ve never ended up having such a crazy time over the last 3 months if it hadn’t been for RJ.

Was getting tired of the music I was listening to so I asked my friend to send me some of the music he was listening to and that’s how I got to know Sara Taveres. I’ve heard about twelve of her tracks and she makes you want to dance. Give ‘Balance’ a listen I’m sure it will be hard for you not to love it.

The one thing which I gained during my weekend was more weight!! A cousin made a surprise visit to India and I was given the responsibility of showing her around the place. I had to cramp the shopping, eating and partying in a day. That was exhausting! From the moment she stepped out of the airport until she left we walked A LOT. Obviously all that walking didn’t help all the eating we did.

Yesterday, I met my ex-colleagues at this really crowded cafĂ©. I don't know why the masala tea there tastes sooo good. I’m a tea person and I drink it as many as 6 times during the day. But yesterday, I had two pots of it in one hour! Man, I am still dreaming about the tea I had there.

I refuse to say good bye, I would rather this be a short period of separation before we see each other again. RJ left India on Saturday, home to L.A. I did not spend much time with her before she flew so I shall try to somehow make it up in this blog entry and with some help from one of my favorite songs at this moment. Although both of us are quite different in terms of personalities, we seem to have connected in just a few months. And of course there are the countless little things that have drawn us together. She is one of the few people I’ve known whose heart is so transparent and painfully beautiful. RJ – My wonder woman- Just wanted you to know that I will really miss you and dream BIG!

Going for a small concert this Sunday and then for a play called ‘Hair’. Runa tells me it’s going to be good and so far, when it comes to concerts and plays she hasn’t been wrong.

Anyway, I am signing off this entry and off to watch the latest entertainment, starring Me!

The song is by Holly Brook 'Like Blood Like Honey'