November 03, 2008

I started writing this post a couple of days of ago. Since then, current events, one-month farewell parties and work have left me far behind. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on this post so I’m going to make it short and limit myself to inserting pictures where here-

In the days following Imcha's Fashion show, I have been filled with happiness and pride for my best friend.

If you had told me when I was eighteen that one day this quiet reserved guy would be my best friend I would have laughed in your face. Well, not really; I would have nodded and smiled politely and not really think much of it. But now, it’s hard to not think of him as part of my family and there was nothing but delight to hear about his very well deserved career success.

My friend and I would often spend hours at his place which was down the street from where I lived. We discussed every aspect of our lives and if there was one person who knew me better than I knew myself, it had to be him. (As a side benefit, I often got to meet many interesting people through him.)
We knew that it probably wouldn't be long before life steered us in different directions. God bless him, I hope he's still creating as fast as his nifty mind will let him.

Today’s track hails from American folk rock band, Augustana and I can say in all honesty that I genuinely like listening to this song. Enjoy the music.