July 02, 2008

It's Only as Good as It Sounds

It looks like I’ve been running out of things to say nowadays. Maybe I should be doing something to get those creative juices flowing. Like smoke a joint or down a cup of hot scalding tea- nawh, that’ll just wake me up. Although, that seems to be the only thing accessible at work.
I’m working on finding something new that’ll make me feel warm. No luck though. Checked some videos, but nothing really clicked with me. I’m not giving up hope but I’m starting to feel kinda sick. There’s so much great music from the past that I’ve never heard before and I’m trying to dig for it.

It’s really weird when I talk to friends or people who have read my blog. Sometimes I feel like I’m just repeating something that the person would’ve already read. I sorta like the idea of maintaining a blog. It really helps me in having no choice but to accept myself the way I am.
For the guys reading this, it’s fine to tell me that you read stuff here. Actually please do. I can get into a long winded explanation of how there’s a lot more going on than what I usually write here.

Sometimes I’m really impressed with myself. Other times not so much.

Most of us, from a very a young age, start to think and discover things we like about life. The things that really bring you passion, move you, make you so ecstatic. Then as you get older and as those hormones set in you realize you want to meet someone who feels passionate about the same things you do... same music... similar books… same movies. Although, during this time you never really set out to meet people like that. Because hoping to meet someone who has those same quirks and likes as you is just being idealistic. Then you grow older. The hormones have set in. You realize that all that similarity crap is just plain boring and that sometimes its way better to meet people who are a little bit different than you are. That weird feeling when you’re around each other, called chemistry... I want to meet someone else who can understand this.

With songs like “Solitude,” “I’ll Be,” and “Could Not Ask For More,” my man, Edwin McCain knows how to put his hands on the pulse of music. For more than ten years, the alternative, indie singer-songwriter has been a staple in an ever-changing music industry.

If Edwin McCain has touched you, puh-leez raise your hand and give me a hellyeahh!