September 11, 2008

Ryan Star and My Thoughts on Marriage...Again

My dad’s sisters and brothers came home the other day and while my Khasi side of the family is pretty cool, the pure tamilians aren’t. They’re always asking me why I don’t have a boyfriend that I can settle down with soon. I always shock them by telling them I’m involved with someone casually and we try to keep it fun and effortless. That always leaves them convinced that my soul’s been sold to the west and its wild ways. Why I don’t have a boyfriend? Hmmm… right now, I can say that my life’s reasonably busy and I know from experience that having a serious boyfriend is something you have to be ready for and something that one cannot get into nonchalantly. It takes some effort to do it right and make sure everyone’s happy (that doesn’t just include you and him but your parents, siblings and most importantly, your friends). I’m getting used to the idea that I don’t need someone in my life at all times. Being single is becoming more my natural state but as I get older that is changing (in a week and a half I hit the big two five). I imagine I will get married at some point in time when I loosen up on the fact that marriage is a trap that a lot of people get caught in. Did I just sound preachy?

I’m off to Ash’s place tomorrow. Its girl’s night tomorrow. It’ll feel just like the old days when I was stuck at her place to finish advertising projects and we’d crack up on men, fashion and food. I’m bringing Xanax and she’ll probably get Valium. Endless tea sessions. Music and my humor should get the party started. Yay!

The brief moment of excitement by that exclamation point has now passed.
How many of you guys watched the show ‘Rockstar Supernova’ that came out in 2006-2007? There were 15 contestants that were battling it out to become the vocalist of the supergroup ‘Supernova’ that had musicians- Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, Jason Newsted of Metallica, Gilby Clarke from GNR. And I’m getting to the point now. There were two guys I was rooting for- one was bald Icelandic heartthrob Magni Asgeirsson and the other was hottie hot stuff Ryan Star.
He wasn’t only hot but he had a voice that was raw, the one that can hypnotize you until the set is finished. Ryan Star is a treasured hero in my collection. Eliminated in the 9th week of the show, moving on, seemed a daunting challenge but he has built a remarkable fan base with his music that strips everything down to the essentials. Go ahead listen to it.
Thank you for meandering through this meandering meander. I will return to rationality at some point soon.

Good night.

Ryan Star with ‘Back of your car’