September 19, 2008

Know E-vuh-leen Better

Time for an episode of ‘Know E-vuh-leen Better’

Here are some things you may not know about me:

I was gifted a huge stuffed monkey when I was 11. It always gave me nightmares but I’d never give him away to my twin. He still sits on the chair next to my bed.

Until I was 10 I believed pelicans picked up babies from some place and dropped them in homes.

The first album I ever got was ‘Step by Step’ by NKOTB.

I’ve never been to Mexico, but I kinda love salsa bandera.

I lived briefly at a family friend’s house when I was about 8. They had two sons who were also twins named Warren and Ricardo. One day Warren walked up to me, got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. He promised he’d give me a lot of kids.

Warren is now a priest in Canada.

I used to have an impressive collection of track pants and army boots 7 years ago.

I hate people that list Bacardi Breezer as their favorite alcoholic drink.

At the beginning of my 14th year, I was 4 foot 11 inches tall. On my 15th birthday, I asked god to make me taller than my mum. By my 16th birthday, I was 5 foot 2.

And then I stopped growing.

I am monophobic.

In school I had a colossal crush on the kid that everyone bullied. He finally spoke to me to ask me my friend’s name. I can still feel that pain.

He asked me out 20 times after 2002. I hate him.

Secretly I still think I’m going to make my mark.

I had to visit the school counselor once every week for a couple of months because I stapled my classmate's hand (in my defense, she was annoying).

Give me a minute as I inwardly burst into tears over the official death of any remnant of youth I once had.

Okay! I stumbled upon this track by Nightwish and I love it! Hence, it has made its way onto my blog. If you’ve ever liked anything else I’ve ever posted here on EC then I strongly recommend that you listen to this track. Trust me, this is good stuff. Their operatic melodies are intoxicating and mesmerizing. The more I listen to this track the more I find I love it, and the more I struggle to accurately define it. This is one of the songs that’s going to be played at my themed party- should induce the whole gothic feel.

Regardless of the root of your frustrations, it is Friday after all; a little tune can go a long way towards soothing your anxious mind and heart. Enjoy the music.

Nightwish- 'Eva' (Instrumental)