April 13, 2010

Holidaying: The Photo Recap

It's some time late evening and I’m just dealing with yet another frenzied week. Sadly, I've had about as much sleep as Paris Hilton has brain cells so forgive me if I haven’t a lot of time to write about my vacation that took place two weekends back. I figured I'd leave you with pictures of the Early Vacation of '10.

What went down during that weekend, you ask? Well, we/I...

* Went to the Tibetan settlement in near Coorg;

* Stayed the monastery;

* Spent hours at the Sera Jey Temple and The Namdroling Temple (also know as the

Golden Temple);

* Strolled through a local garden at the monastery;

* (You worn out yet? By this point, we were!);

* Ate lots of authentic Tibetan food – Thukpa, Momos, Shaptra;

* Took care of musician boy with a stomach bug;

* Shot hundreds of pictures; and

* Seriously dreaded going back to work.

Whew. So, now that I'm back from butt stuck work for an ungodly nine hours (not including travel time). That's all I've got. So, what's up with you?
Couple of nights ago I heard the cover of ‘Psycho Killer’ by Velvet Revolver (originally performed by the band ‘Talking Heads’). The song has a certain shine. If you take the time to play this one you’re all in for a treat. Have a listen and a great week.