December 11, 2008

It’s Christmas Time

‘Day four was a busy day at CharMile. Wedding preparations were underway and the family count had gone up from 50 to 200. Every corner was bustling with conversation, men carrying things up and down, some setting up tents, others creating a ‘Morung’. Women crowded around the big kitchen, cutting, cooking and serving the people that just kept pouring into the house from villages and towns. I met a lot of people, none of whose names I remember and the rest of the evening was spent, snapping away pictures of the loud and busy crowd, recording memories.’

I understand that, for the young, like me, Facebook has a number of tempting qualities.
However, the worst things about this social networking site, as far as I can tell, are that you find out all the people you wanted to date in high school but couldn't dream of doing so because you were such a geek. And all the people you were jealous of and wanted to be so badly that it made you hemorrhage, are now fat and married with a dozen kids. Yep, all those "beautiful people" back in school have now been attacked by balding, gray hair, double chins, expanding waistlines, making known that age has slowly become their enemy.
I love the fact that people who refused to speak to me in school or college are apparently now excited to be my "friend" and remember the good old days. First, it makes me laugh then it makes me pity them, because their lives must be pretty empty. Then I throw in some self-loathing, because I always approve their friend request. Then I wish I hadn't, because they invariably start sending me applications to add... and I dislike that almost as much as I despised them in school.

How did December get here so quickly? What happened to the rest of 2008? Have I been drunk or depressed so much that an entire year has melted together? I wasn't quite ready to accept the answers to those questions. But, if one has to jump right into December and the holiday season, there's only one way to do it- homemade holiday cookies and everybody getting sugar-rushed while we decorate the tree.
With all that’s happening around us nowadays it's so easy to find a way around the practice and just live your life from one turbulent day to another, so moments spent with friends, family, goodies and that warm cozy feeling is more of a treat. It's truly one of the best times of the year. And I've got goodies from Nagaland that are rapidly disappearing!
The good times aren’t going to last long and I'm certainly not ready for a whole season of it yet, but it's awfully exciting to think of it.

Once I put up my Christmas tree and decorate my home I promise to put up pictures.
Happy December, Happy Holidays everyone!

As long as I have blog left in me I will continue to take in your music recommendations and post them here. Jon McLaughlin’s music was introduced to me by my good friend Imcha. I encourage you; I implore you, to please check out his music. Go to his page, stream his music on YouTube, or just press play on the player below that has been posted here on EC. Whatever you do don’t brush this post aside. Let the new pop-rock sounds of Mr. McLaughlin sink to the depths of you and ease you through this weekend. He’s brilliant and you’d be a fool for choosing not to hear his music. The song entitled ‘Beautiful Disaster’ is pure and simple with lyrics and melodies that tug at your heart.
Here’s to hoping he has a long and successful career because I’d love to hear some more of his particular brand of genius.

If you like the music here then puh-leeez share it with your friends, lovers, etc. And thanks to Imcha for this brilliant song.

Take it away Mr. McLaughlin!