August 19, 2008

Tuesday's Surprise!

I'm 24 so it's appalling that I can still act like a 16 year old sometimes (with great taste in music, of course). I can't rid myself of this excitement- let me share it with y’all before I faint. Brace yourselves: Tony Das got me an autographed CD of Brett Garsed...

and the best part of it is, it’s addressed to me!! Yay!!!

For those of you who haven’t heard of him before this, Brett Garsed is an Australian-based guitar maestro brought down to b’lore recently by Music biggie Sandeep Chowta. You will love this guy if you like instrumental rock music and I can’t wait to listen to this CD called "Planet X". Although I kinda cringe every time I take this prized possession out of its package. I’ve been showing off the autograph to my manager, who happens to also be a huge Brett Garsed fan. I bet he’s happy to finally send me home without hearing another ‘I can’t believe I have his autograph’ from me.

Grab a copy of Garsed’s CD if you can. Sure, you can stream his music but it’s something else to hold his record in your hands, listen to his music and realize that this guitarist is one of a kind. I don’t really listen to too much of instrumental rock music, but I'll totally endorse this one. Garsed’s music is a trip and its art. No, I’m not exaggerating. This is what music should sound like.

Today, is RJ’s birthday and she isn’t here. Miss her so much, particularly today. I hope she’s happy, wherever she is now.

Someone has been leaving a huge smile on my face lately. I’m not going to reveal more and jinx it. For now, all I’m saying is that he’s a classy flirt and an absolutely charming bloke.

I dig Mr. Big. Especially the single ‘Goin where the wind blows’. It's an excellent track; that’s the best way to summarize it. I can’t understand why this one didn’t race the charts and kick out ‘To be with you’ and ‘Wild world’, nor why it’s been largely forgotten. I guess it might’ve had something to do with the time period that it came out in. As you listen to this track you become conscious of the fact that this is a supremely catchy song that’s delivered with both finesse and intensity.

I’m rambling now. You want the music. So here you go.