January 06, 2010

It’s Wednesday.

I'm at work. And despite working three days this week, it feels like something I haven't done for, oh, months.

I haven't been able to doze off worth a damn for the past week and a half. I try. I eventually fall asleep but I always seem to wake up many times during the night. I'm up every morning by 5:00 even though I only have to be up by 7:00. Funny thing is I do manage to fall completely, wonderfully asleep about 20 minutes before the alarm goes off. Because of that, I've been touchy, sore and one of the single largest supporters of the tea industry in B’lore city. I was really wondering why all this was going down until I realized it has been a week and a half since I had a cigarette. I'm not losing my mind after all...well, at least no more than usual.

Now you might think that I would use this time to do what I love. That I would use it to check out new music. But for some reason I haven’t done it. And so that brings me to this post about Jump Little Children’s track entitled ‘Mexico’. I love this track and I owe my friend, Ajay, who led me to it. In fact I love the track so much it has been one of the few songs I’ve listened to over the past couple of months. It’s an amazing song and I feel that if I don’t share it with everyone it will be stuck in my head for ages and I won’t ever listen to another.

Soulmate is playing their last show for this year on Friday the 8th, before they take off for their international tour. If you are anywhere in the remote vicinity of the B-Flat Lounge, Indiranagar, I strongly encourage you to go and treat yourself to one of the most talented musicians in India. I know I've mentioned them far too many times on EC but it's only because I love their music and I try to support them in whichever way I can.

Do me a favor, do Soulmate a favor, do the local music scene a favor, or do your girlfriend/boyfriend a favor and take them to see Soulmate. And make sure you say hi to them after the show. You’ll probably leave friends.

8 Pulses Say:

mentalie said...

oh...now how do i make it to that concert?

Anupama said...

Have always always loved that song Mexico...for once I can say - I've heard what Eve's mentioning :)...which is rare but I love discovering new music here on EC.

So I'll see you Friday Eve! I'm sure it's going to be one hell of a show for one reason too many :)

Anupama said...

And nice new template Eve! Love the retro feel of the image with the pink lining the black...

agent green glass said...

damn. i missed them last time they were here. this is after telling everyone about them. and then i came down with viral, while everyone else proceeded to the frog, and to be blown away by tips' voice.

Eveline said...

@Mentalie: It would've been tough to make it for the show in such short notice :P
But if you want to see what went down that night, please visit the link below.


@Anupama: It was awesome seeing you the other night. Although it would have been even more awesome if we had seats together. :(
Hope you enjoyed the show, i sure did. Was completely elated when Rudy mentioned my name on stage.
Glad you liked the template. :)

@agent green glass: I'm sure it wont be too long before they perform again in your city. Keep checking their tour details. It was a good show on Friday night. Big names from the B'lore music scene attended the show to show their support and none left unimpressed. :)

Meghana Naidu said...

I <3 this song.

thank you for this, really.


Eveline said...

Thank you. Hope you had a good Monday. I visited your page this morning and heard "Mexico" on it! Do u know how excited that got me? I'll be visiting more often! :D

Meghana Naidu said...

the song saved my mind today.
and it HAD to go on the blog right away,

do check out the others on the playlist

and thank you. ill be reading you, as always ;)