July 11, 2010

Dudes. Being Sick is Horrid.

I've had an achy body and a fever for, like, 2 days and I just slept for 10 hours straight. Right now, I just want a cute boyfriend who will bring me soup, caress my hair, tuck me in bed and make me feel all better. There should be a decree - this shit needs to happen during the week, not on weekends.

And since I’ve jacked up on a lot of meds, I'm fearful you shouldn't hold out much hope for the quality of what's to follow.

As I might have revealed, I feel like crap. But I’m pretty good at being sick – I lay low, drink lots of fluids, read magazines and check Facebook quite regularly. The combination of a sick day plus a rainy day yesterday was getting to be too much even for me, so I tried to bundle up and go into the city to do some shopping, but the thought of getting out of my slacks kind of wore me out, so I’m going to return to my strict regimen of Drinking Fluids and Looking at Stuff for one more day.

When I felt sick during my school days I was allowed to stay at home and watch TV all day. I'd overindulge on old episodes of Knight Rider, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, The Lucy Show and The Centurions. And if you're too little to remember those shows or weren't even alive when they were on, please don't tell me. It would depress me. And I'm physically frail as it is.

Speaking of television, I have to admit I'm kinda digging Castle. When I first watched it, I thought it sucked. I didn't get the excitement. Now, it rox (and rox is to rocks as hot is to hott - you read it here first).

Okay. Good evening...or good night...or whatever. I'm getting back in bed.

If you need me, I'll be the one surrounded by tissues clutching a bottle of cough syrup like a homeless dude holds on to a bottle of cheap alcohol for dear life.

I’m not gonna lie, I wish I had the time and eloquence to cover all this music that I’ve suddenly discovered but an overpowering workload and being sick makes that sort of thing difficult – no matter how much I’d enjoy doing it. Not only am I unfocused, but it takes a lot for me to even begin to wind down and give any artist my complete attention. That’s the beauty of it all, though I guess. That instant where I am able to really just become infatuated with a track and talk hungrily on its details… which brings me to the subject of The Stills, an indie rock group from Canada. These guys have been producing music for almost a decade now. ‘Retour a vega’ is captivating and irresistible. The French lyrics sprinkle on top of a pulsating beat and an absurdly catchy hook. You almost need to make up a new word for this song, because “catchy” just don’t cut it in describing how friggin’ addicting the song is.