March 04, 2009

This weekend the universe had a laugh at my expense, by throwing a two year old in my path just when I needed to develop the most tolerance (and actually had the least).

My niece- celebrated her second birthday on Saturday.

Goes by the names- Abby, Lemlem, Lemska and Aolem.

According to me- the way you talk to an old person and the way you talk to a toddler are exactly alike.


How are YOU?!

Your top is pink. That’s a pretty color. It looks very nice on you.

Have you been good all week? THAT IS VERY GOOD.

So this got me thinking about babies. I will not be making any of them, a decision I came to a year ago when I discovered exactly how hard it was to take care of my niece. Not that she’s a difficult child or anything; I am, apparently, not the nurturing sort.

I don’t think you get to have crazy fun or get all shithouse drunk when you have children and I find that worrisome. Maybe you’re too busy changing diapers and stopping your one year old from ripping the pages off your priceless comic and shoving the pieces into the dog’s bowl.

I miss being a kid though.... My older sis carrying me (during days she tolerated me)

Some of the things that remind me of days when I was younger:

* Dad scolds me last night for tearing pages off my math notebook. I go to bed still in tears. Next morning, dad apologizes for being too harsh and promises me while brushing my hair that he’ll come by school and take me out to the beach.
Math teacher is happy with the homework dad has helped me with and just before the bell rings he sticks his head into my classroom and smiles, not saying a word, my heart spins. I pretend to be very serious while my dad talks to the teacher and all the other kids watch silently, knowing where I’m going. Once we’re out of the classroom and it’s just us in the clear hallway, I let my father hold my hand, something I let him do whenever I feel especially close to him. As we walk along the shore with our shoes in a bag my dad brought along, I tell dad what I’d like to do when I grow up…..he just smiles. When we get home, mum smiles at me like she knows our little secret but she says nothing. I spot my dad leaving to the hospital to complete the rest of his shift and I just spend the rest of the hours at home waiting for him to get home and help me get started on my math homework.

* I was not permitted to sit with the adults when we went to a family’s friend’s house. So my twin and I played with their sons- also twins, in their room. We never do spend a lot of time with the boys because my twin hates one of them- Ricky. I sit next to the other brother (I had acted in a play with, some time back) and we talk… The boy seems a few years older than me, but he seems like he’s from another planet. When it’s time to go home, he kisses me on my cheek. For the first time in my life, I do not tell my parents. When I’m 20, I recognize him in a picture, but I don’t know if he remembers me. I never did get around to contacting him.

Well another month has come and gone. Another thirty or so odd days, another swing of blog posts and other various forms of communication have brought to my attention enough new tracks to carry on this job.
Paramore is an excellent example of a talented new age band that I would never have heard of but for the fact that the lead vocalist caught my eye one boring day at work. To be honest this track, soundtrack for the movie ‘Twilight’- Decode, is the only track I find to be worth repeat listening. That’s not to say the rest of the songs aren’t well crafted. They are. For most of us this single track will suffice {and you can believe me when I say it’s quite a song}. Paramore’s music caters to the younger clientele and would be reasonably well known amongst the type of readers who frequent EC, but my guess is we’ll most likely never know for sure.
Today I bring to you ‘Decode’ by Paramore. Enjoy the music. That is all kids. I’ll make sure to have another great track soon for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the music. Tell your friends.