June 08, 2008

The Part That Doesn't Fit Is Me

I felt kinda off this weekend. Been staying at home and watching Dexter. After awhile being alone was just torturous so I forced myself to get out and get social. Met up with a couple of friends at this continental restaurant. Liked the company, loved the new guy!

I was stunned to hear some kid, a little younger to me, call me ‘Aunt’. Yikes! Seriously, I know I’m a couple of months away from becoming the half of 50, but my teens aren’t that far away, are they?
In related news, how about a round of applause for a guy five years younger to you, who thinks you’re the cutest thing on this planet. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’- that should be the song playing right now for me.

When I was younger it used to be smells that do it for me. Now smells just make me remember people I detest. It’s songs that help me remember and connect things now. I remember that Keane’s ‘this is the last time’ played in my head every time I saw this guy at the radio station i worked at. Whenever he saw me he would have his arms outstretched, waiting for me to give him a hug. I loved his arms and that hug.

Dad told me that it’s been some time since he’s heard me sing. So I think I’m gonna sing for him something soon, probably on Father’s Day.

At work everyone’s foosball crazy. For the uninitiated, the objective of the game is to use the men on the rod to maneuver the foosball into the opposing goal. Sounds easy? It’s not – at least not for me. In the interest of transparency, I suck at Foosball. I can get through about 15 seconds of the game after that I just resort to cheating. Runa rocks with impressive speed and CK's working his way to making everyone else seem like amateurs. Now bowling- that’s a game! However bad I am at it, it’s addictive. Like homemade tea, season 2 of ‘Dexter’ and crack cocaine addictive. So much so that I’m trying to figure out if I can weasel someone into getting me a bowling ball for my birthday. September, if anyone’s feeling generous… :D

Anyway, that’s it – I’m done for now. Nite nite my hungry readers.