January 22, 2010

FRIDAY! About Time You Showed Up

Oh dear friends, I missed you today. I got trapped - trapped I tell you - in a terrible day at the office. But it's Friday. Two extremely large cups of tea into the day and I'm starting to feel slightly more alive. Apologies if I seem a bit murky...you see, it was a shitty day overwhelmed with absolutely frustrating labour without a break. I won't bore you with work stuff but have you ever had one of those days after which you feel wholly and entirely overpowered? That was my day today. In any case, that's ended and, since I've pulled so many epic days recently, I'm glad tomorrow is an off. Needless to say, there's been no Friday happy-dancing going on this evening. But that’s only because I'm way tired.

What's today? Well, okay, yes, it’s Friday. But really, the answer I'm going for is De-lurking Day!
Today is the day for my readers to come out of hiding for a couple minutes to comment and say hello. And for all of you who quite regularly comment here? I want to hear from you today too.

And since it’s the whole Friday music thing I figured I'd better give you something good. I was thinking about the whole acoustic thing a little while ago and remembered an old song that I love. Just hit play if you don’t want to read a little bit about the artist...
Joshua Radin released two albums: We Were Here (2006), and Simple Times (2008). They’re both essential. Just buy them. I’d like to think that, in 20 or 30 years or so, when the musical wheel turns and the world reassesses all that has been overlooked, these albums will be recognized as the stunning successes they are. Joshua Radin is a comparatively new artist has been making music for four years now. If you like Acoustic and Folk music, you might like him. His albums have been critically acclaimed and have received an ardent listener comeback. It’s an incredibly amazing body of work. Do yourself a favor and check him out now, before the musical wheel turns. Joshua Radin with ‘Only You’