December 15, 2008

Yay! It's officially full holiday season here in B’lore City. The sparkling decorations and lights, the overall feeling of warmth and cheer...well, as silly as it may sound; it makes life feel truly magical at times, despite the huge number of lay-offs that had taken place last week.
There are only ten days until Christmas, and I've done nothing. Well, next to nothing: I haven’t acquired presents for my crew yet- just gift wrapping ideas. The tree is still getting decorated. Helped mom with making a few fruitcakes, but she hasn’t prepared the tons of eatables that she usually makes. Right now, though, December seems just like November, only colder and darker.

I'm aware, readers, that there's a certain redundancy to most of my posting: one more account of work or love, interspersed with pictures, songs and a write-up of a musician. And sometimes I feel like I should give you more, but I have compelling reasons to record a large majority of my life and music history on the blog. For one thing, it's fun to write about, and I remain hopeful that recording my experiences and knowledge in a substantially honest manner keeps me from being too much like some music blog or life blog I read where at first I'm very interested in, but then I see entry after entry with the same clich├ęs, and I start to think that the entries are largely unreal. The main reason that I write so much about my life and music is because my memory for personal detail is never all that great, and I do this by maintaining a searchable record.

Let’s move on to a special holiday episode of All I Want for Christmas:

Dear Mr. Claus,

I have been an exceptionally good girl this year and wanted to tell you what I want for Christmas.

I wanna be rolling in money, celebrated and influential
Step on all my rivals and never do a thing
I wanna be rolling in money, celebrated and influential
So all I have to do for years is sit around and sing.

And while you are at it and if it's not too much trouble, Mr. Claus, I could really use the ability to exhale flames. Not because I want to reduce anyone to ashes. I just think breathing fire would be hot and my friends would love me even more than they do now.

Peace and holiday love,


We've officially entered the Christmas season and until the 25th, Christmas music will be played here on EC. I usually take pleasure in the music; until I've listened to so much of it that by the time Christmas morning gets here I'm ready to thump the first person who plays a Christmas song. There are songs that I wished were played more often, like the Drifters version of "White Christmas" - Attention readers- you might just like this. It features Bill Pinkney on lead bass and Clyde McPhatter on tenor. When I played it, it was fun to listen to-- a cappella with that 70’s wap-shoo-wap charm. I’m not very fond of listening to this kind of music, but these guys actually have some ability to harmonize seamlessly. Its slick stuff and I play it often.

So, if you've had it with the oldies then give this a try. Well, that's all I've got for today. Stay tuned, kids.