February 24, 2009

This Friday will be fantastic, because I’ll be going to see the Das’ (Tony, Chris and Judy) do their thing, which I’ve been waiting for so many months now so you can imagine my excitement! I’ve been trying to get a little scoop about the show that’s going to happen and I’ll be spilling some of the details in this post. I have a feeling that this show is going to be even better than their previous appearances together cos it not only has Tony and Judy Das performing but his brother- Chris Das (who’s part of my crew) and Avinash Grubb- a pianist who would make any show worthy of sweeps.

As far as music goes, there are few things better than seeing a band live and realizing that they sound better than the stuff you hear on the radio or on CD. In a world of faltering, peevish, and weirdly assertive singers, it was like someone had thrown the door wide open to let in some air and that’s precisely what this band offers - excellent vocal clarity that perks your ears, good vibes between the band members, they relate to each other as one might imagine they would if they were playing in someone's home. From my point of view, I can't even begin to explain how much impact that has on stage presence. None of them had to try overly hard to provide some sparkling sense of humor, they’re just naturally witty and hilarious and it just makes them seem like very likable people.

I don’t want to get y’all excited, apart from the fact that secretly I do.

My crew and I will be the guests of the Opus event, to watch the brother-sister band (who, may I add, is incredibly easy on the eyes). The concert kicks off in the evening at 8 at Opus in Bangalore city on Feb 27th. It's going to be a wonderful evening and I'd be thrilled if you joined us.
If the very gorgeous family, gorgeous music and gorgeous place aren't enough incentive for you, then hold on to your hat. All this can be yours for a minimal cover charge. If anything it’s the best way to spend your Friday night. There will be songs from artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, Snow Patrol, One Republic and The Wallflowers along with one of Chris’ own compositions.
Let me know if you'll be in the audience so that I can look for you afterwards.

Hope to see you there!

Signing out with a an old favourite - 'Englishman in New York'by Sting

February 23, 2009

Tea does not make the brain function any better on a Monday - no matter how much of it I gulp down. The only upside to not doing all that great at all, really, is that the good people in your life pull you out of the dark weeds you sometimes get caught in- like making you laugh, saying the absolutely nicest things and accompanying you on difficult days. And its times like these that make me cherish my life, because anything else would just be messy.

The Oscars were a good time, but frankly, not enough Hugh Jackman to suit my tastes. He keeps getting hotter and I think I’m falling in love with him more with each passing day.
Sean Penn is kind of my hero. I hope I’m mostly as half as weird as he is someday.
Sometimes I feel like a schmuck for thinking Brad Pitt is hot. But I mean, c’mon!

Sweeeeet! Heath Ledger won for “Dark Knight.”

Danny Boyle just won Best Director for “Slumdog Millionaire”! Woohoo all around!

Truly Mr. Boyle, I can’t quit you. Except for during “28 Days Later”. Then I can totally quit you.

“Slumdog Millionaire” totally wins Best Picture! Man that makes me happy. Truly, all the award shows this year cannot quit Slumdog Millionaire.

Writing this makes me feel like Larry King.

My colleague Tina recently released her bunch of little chocolate treats called ‘Tina Truffles’ that come in cute silver boxes. The box is very minimalist. It comes with a purple ribbon on the front and once opened it contains the maker’s name and number.
The chocolates smell great. Very sweet and delicious smelling vodka, mixed with quite decent chocolate. Overall, I was extremely impressed. As far as homemade chocolates go, it was lovely.

These treats are priced at Rupees 30 and are definitely worth it. These are aimed at chocolate lovers who want to just sit down and take a bite of heaven while they read a book. Is that you? Well, then these will have quite the impression. Contact the creator of these sinful delights at tinamary.rajan@gmail.com

I step outside to get myself something to chomp on for a snack. The sky is on its way to getting dim with the street lamps lighting up the faint streets. The sun had already set, and it was only going to get darker. I was in the mood for something acoustic, so I fidgeted with my mobile until I found a track by alternative rock band ‘Live’. I love the polished, roundness of the band’s sound.
Sometimes it feels like music is the only thing that can bring out my emotions again. Most of them have been replaced by hate right now. Everything is about the corporate world because the world is so detached.

The only thing that makes me survive is my faith in god, the belief that one day, I might mean the world to someone and the thought that eventually, I’ll be able to stop defining myself through others, and simply be content with who I am.

Either way, something’s gotta give.

Catch you on the flip side.

February 18, 2009

Do you guys ever dream of being with someone in real life, someone you don’t really know, and then the next time you see them, you’re furtively thinking, Oh Man! You’d think people around me would notice if I blushed?

Well, my person like this is Adam Levine.

A couple of years ago, I had a dream where Adam Levine and I were both at this airport terminal, and he started flirting with me while we were waiting for our flights. At first I was like Oh my god! This is Adam Levine! He’d want nothing to do with me! But by the time we had to board the flight, he had charmed me so completely that he and I were practically engaged. And now every time I see Adam Levine on screen, I just have to smile, because he was so charming in that airport terminal, I couldn’t wait to introduce him to my mom. :-P

Plus, you know he’d know how to treat a girl in the sack. Is all I’m saying.

As a way of getting more exposure to more music gigs, I went to see the ‘METRO’ concert I wrote about earlier.

It was a wonderful concert in an intimate setting. The collection that the band chose to play was quite varied — from their absolutely melodic Rio Frio to the beautifully slow ‘The Standard’ to a tuneful Sandeep Chowta composition —all songs performed as brilliant as jazz interpretations can be. One of the highlights of the night was the band playing the song that drove me to their concert – Rio Frio. It was delicious to watch how enraptured the audience was and when Dave Weckl and Eric Marienthal lost themselves in the music and kept going on this great flurry of notes. Their parts were some kind of awesome that I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I went through.

Just thinking about it is making my stomach flutter.

At first I thought that the crowd was mostly made up of the same “type” of people, but now thinking about it I’ve never been to a show that was more diverse. Lots of differently aged people; there were people from my age to twice my age. It was odd to see a lot of guys old enough to be my father at the same concert as me.

Usually the sound and crowds of concerts make me especially awkward but with great company and even better music I feel over-stimulated.
Unfortunately, not many people I knew came for the event, and I wouldn’t force someone to listen to music they didn’t enjoy. But it was really good to see my friends faces light up as they sat through the show. The concert was quite amazing. The set lasted just over two hours and a half. Unfortunately, I forgot to get my digicam so that ruined the ultimately great shots I would’ve gotten.

I had to get the band’s album at the venue titled ‘METRO Express’. I’m still exploring the tracks, approaching each song with an open mind, but never analyzing too much.
It can be easily observed that the tracks introduce a unique and exceptional jazz style of this band. They achieve what is esthetic and intelligent. Ever since I’ve spent a great deal of time listening to music, I’ve been less enthusiastic by the fact that songs would never sound as good, until I heard these guys.

METRO has renewed my hope. Saved my life.

It goes beyond everything else to a completely spiritual experience, from stage presence to the notes and the key signatures. They have reached out with music that is unforgettable, moving and emotional.

Two guys stole the show that night.....
Eric Marienthal.
Below is one of the tracks they played on Feb 14 and my favorite! Get their music if you can. Their compositions speak to me, lifting, moving, and never crashing. Blissful listening!

February 16, 2009

At the Theatre in February

This post is long overdue; I wanted to write it before my head messes up my memories. It feels important to me, so excuse me if you’re here for an update about Valentines. I don’t believe anyone of us will be very creative if we don’t take a break and consider how we live our lives. I’ve always dreamt of spending my days in the theatre (not on stage) but just looking at the actors and drawing inspiration and last week has been just that for me. The more performances I saw the more I understood the connection between dance and creativity, between living “out there” and just being…
I love to go to performances, when the workdays are long and the sky turns bright before it turns black. You go in, hurrying to be on time; you leave the theatre, and it is night, velvety and magical. It was a triumphant evening, happily to be seated in a theatre on a warm day in February. It was a howling success when the South Korean Dance Troupe – CcadoO’s performed it’s piece called ‘Murder in the Elevator’, heating up the stage in a brilliantly paced, mysterious, drifting, certainly luxuriant exploration of very scary elements such as death, angst, existentialism, hopelessness, despair, love, lust, bondage and fear. The dance delved into the cause of death of a man found dead in an elevator… quite obvious in the title itself. The images, movements and sounds; all which help to uncover the events that led to his death.

‘Quantransitions’ & ‘Charade’ by Rhythmosaic Dance Company (USA): Delves into the relation of objects and things to the person presenting it and the audience he presents it to. The use of a chair, a laptop, eating an apple, playing a video of movements, all require an audience to be presented to… to be connected to. This performance used modern day technology to reveal associations with body, rhythm and sound.
‘Quantransitions’ was supposed to fuse the art forms, flamenco and kathak….which I didn’t seem to recognize but the dance was beautiful and entrancing and it ended all too soon. ‘Charade’ by Jonah Bokaer was not made for everyone and in particular got the reputation of being difficult and remote. It required concentration and an open mind. Half way through the performance I noticed people whispering questions to others beside them- ‘What is happening?’ ‘Did I come all the way to see this?’
But glance closer and you see entertainment full of interesting embedded messages that can occupy the adult mind most pleasantly.

You want the venue to be a mob scene at showtime, and it was, especially the past week. In the theater what registers is when the quality of reality as well as a sense of drama is revealed.

Cie Phillippe Saire (Switzerland) who presented ‘Could I just draw your attention to the brevity of life?’ used a very Broadway presentation to the whole theme. The performance made use of light in various ways… which was breathtaking! While the concept presented was fairly simple, the staging of it was unconventional and very post-modern.

If you haven't felt the earth move under your feet in the theater lately, then you should’ve stopped by Samir Akika’s (Germany) dance presentation of all that was urban and hip titled ‘Extended Teenage Era’. The central thrill to expect at the hundred and ten minute show was the troupe’s caliber performance and humorous take on the popular new world with the accompaniment of beats and intense dances that had the audience screaming out for more. It paid better homage to the kind of idiosyncratic world of today. It was a performance that broke all conventions, genres of music, art and dance styles- and my favorite! It received such rapturous reviews and I hope the troupe does come back here to perform again.

After the long row of the most fervid performances there are those who heal the hunger for more with a proper placement in bed, and the entertainment of choice to be a book. I have on my desk the perfect comic titled ‘Only love can break a heart, but a shoe sale can come close’ by Cathy Guisewite -- whose marvelous gifts include a clever grasp of the modern woman’s angst.

She conveys her profound, learned and insightful humour in a hilarious and decidedly American manner. Women’s career, diet, dating, and mother issues is, against all odds, a real page-turner.

So before I end this post, there’s some bad news and some good news. Bad news is that my file hosting site continues to trouble me hence I cannot upload music on my partly music blog. Good news is- for now- All the lovely readers who’ve wanted to download tracks I put up here on EC, grace the interwebs, here is the moment you’ve been waiting for…. A link that is provided below will take you to a page that will give you the option to both open the Mp3 (and listen to it right now) or save the Mp3 onto your desktop. All files are completely safe and ready for download. Don’t y’all love me!

MP3: Taking Back Sunday with ‘What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost’

February 14, 2009

So, I’ve been a little stressed lately. I seem to respond to it by becoming an emotional wreck and also ridiculously quiet. One minute I’ll be fine and the next I’ll be like OH GOD I CANNOT WORK HERE.

Today I realized I was unhappy, and it wasn’t my job; it was my career.
I pursued a career that I thought was stable and that would make my parents proud of me—I just wasn’t doing anything I enjoyed. And I realized that doing these things everyday you don’t enjoy does not help coming home and writing things you do enjoy, you burn yourself out. The best thing that can ever happen to me, creatively, is unemployment. And then I’m pretty sure things will be fun again.
So now I just have to get a job which I love, where my mind gets to play all day while my mouth and hands are on the clock and hopefully…..hopefully, I will have the strength to achieve it.

I am absolutely terrified.

More than that though, the thought of reaching my goal makes me feel absolutely thrilled.

That said, I’m so damn tired, and I feel pretty guilty about it. I suppose that I won’t feel guilty as long as I remember to keep everything in perspective. I don’t really know what else to say. I just can’t seem to concentrate on anything.
Tonight there’s going to be a jazz concert at Good Shepherd’s Auditorium on Residency Road, so if you’ve ever met me and you love jazz then come on out. Tickets are priced at 750, 1500 and 2500 Rupees. Runa and my new friend Yuvi will be in attendance, along with rumored appearances by former exes, people I might or might not currently like so much and HOT Dave Weckl. I guarantee you have never heard anything more brilliant than this band.
I’m sorry, but I won’t be posting any music here on EC today. I seem to be having some problem with uploading my music and my gadget refusing to work has somewhat wrecked the process of writing a music review.
After the problem is fixed I can once again resume my position as the clever music ace. Until then rest assured that you, dear readers, are not forgotten and I do not aim to continue neglecting you. I shall return.

For those of us who are single and happy this Valentine's Day, I have compiled a very short list of activities:

1. Create your very own project, in which one writes lines to (or at) your ex (or exes). Here is mine:

Reminisce the times when I
said I disliked kissing in public?
I meant just with you.

2. Get good and drunk.

3. Throwing paper pellets at happy, life-loving couples always brings a smile to my face on days like these.

4. Think about how every story you've ever read and every movie you’ve ever seen that has told you that love is something you feel for someone who is the perfect best friend, the perfect companion, the perfect lover, the perfect intellectual soul, and the perfect conversationalist.

Evidently only a crazed madcap would expect to find all these in one individual. So, just as obviously, this can't be what love is.

So this was my recognition about love. And now my question is: so what the hell is it?

5. The story of Saint Valentine's was that he, by order, was bludgeoned and then killed. I think it would be right for each of us to remember and celebrate today by selecting someone to pound and then murder. I already have two in mind.

This for now. Feel free to add to the list.

Last show on Sunday. After that I’ll update y’all on the Attakalari Festival.

February 09, 2009

Now, this is my first time so please be gentle with me. I will apologize beforehand for any blunders I’m about to make.

The rules of this tag:

Link to your tagger and post these rules.
List 25 random facts about yourself.
Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)

Time consuming as it is, writing is fun and I’ve made my list containing 25 facts about me. Way way too much info here!

1. People expect and I hate it when they have expectations on what I must do or don’t do! I prefer making up my own mind about when I should do what and how.

2. When I was younger I always thought myself as a shy person, but I’m definitely not that. I’m outgoing, fun and love a good party, but when I’m not in the mood (which happens more now) I need time alone, that’s just how it is.

3. I have a hard time stopping something, once I’ve started it. This is because I’m someone who does not give up. Is it the female way or is the way we’re brought up you think?

4. I have a rule for myself about trying everything, just once!

5. I cannot balance things very well. For example, I failed to find a balance and to integrate exercise into my everyday life, last year. I still don’t know how to get balance in some areas of my life, ‘love’ being the biggest “obstacle” to tackle. I yearn to be with someone nice and be a good person to someone else but I’m not getting there on my own. There is a constant fight inside my head where the nice girl in me is not successful and I constantly want to be around people who I know will hurt me in the end.

6. I like guys who have a naturally great body and I like them better when they take off their shirts.

Brandon Boyd

7. When I like certain songs I send them to my friends so that the next time the song plays on the radio you can bet we’re all singing it at the top of our lungs. I also think I would like to be a singer/musician/composer in my next life.

8. Using the traditional method of calculation (name of first pet/name of first street of residence), my drag/porn name would be Jimmy Karama.

9. In seventh grade, I made a vow to my circle of friends that I wouldn’t ever kiss a guy because the idea of a kiss totally grossed me out.10. I am obsessed with washing my hands. I can easily get through 15 washes in a day and get quite anxious if I don’t.

11. I have a secret love of trashy magazines, full of nothing but celebrity gossip.

12. I can raise one eyebrow, but would love to be able to wiggle my ears.

13. I have a habit of buying clothes and then never getting round to wearing them. At the last count I have about 30 that I’ve had for months but have never worn.

14. I have a thing about planning for events and start a week earlier to decide what I’d wear just to make sure I look presentable on the main day.

15. I talk in my sleep. Apparently, I’ve had some really interesting conversations with myself when I’ve been asleep. I can never remember them and just hope that I’ve never given away any of my secrets!

16. I once took guitar lessons. I failed miserably.

17. I love watching all the ‘teen’ movies. You know, American Pie and so on. I refuse to be ashamed!

18. I was born with a great sense of hearing but lost it while I got older. Feel free to insert your own joke here!

19. I hate ironing and have often not bought something because I wouldn’t have been able to get away without ironing it.

20. I have marks on my leg from where I pulled a couple of leeches off me.

21. Umm… One of my girlfriends and I have made a deal to live together after the age of 30. We’ll have pets instead of kids.22. Yesterday I sang ‘J'mapelle Gummy Bear’ with my niece all afternoon.

23. That’s it!

24. Now, this is where I’m supposed to tag other people.

25. No, stop trying to hide behind the screen, I can still see you! So the special ones have been tagged below. Go ahead and get Cra-zeh!


Confuzd Jughead

Eve* aka JB




Pain Killer





I’ll be back in the next couple of days with a post about my passionately artistic week and the fun of ending up at your local dance fest!

Here's what Isaac Slade had to say on the band's new release "You Found Me":

“You Found Me, is a tough song for me. It’s about the disappointment, the heartache, the let down that comes with life. Sometimes you're let down; sometimes you're the one who lets someone else down. It gets hard to know who you can trust, who you can count on. This song came out of a tough time, and I'm still right in the thick of it. There's some difficult circumstances my family and friends have been going through over the past year or so and can be overwhelming. It wears on me. It demands so much of my faith to keep believing, keep hoping in the unseen. Sometimes the tunnel has a light at the end, but usually they just look black as night. This song is about that feeling, and the hope that I still have, buried deep in my chest."

The Fray, (although not a big favorite of mine) in this track seems to provide something a lot of artists these days have lost sight of in my opinion. This song is so genuine and heartfelt and for this reason, you gotta love this band. Check out the track here.Signing off this post with 'Slow dancing in a burning room' by John Mayer. Happy Listening.

February 06, 2009

Our Very Own Moral Police, A Dance Festival and A Comeback!

The Sri Rama Sene has decided that they are going to marry any dating couple they see celebrating the ‘Christian ritual’ of Valentine’s Day (Not that I celebrate Valentines Day) but all I have to say to them is this, ‘we'll all be in hell together anyway. You'll see.’

‘India, I am wise to your ways. I know you believe in balancing the idea of spirituality and modernism. You stress the need for progress and technology. So why do you feel you must be conformists when it comes to the way women behave? People. For the love of God. The world does not need any more Muthaliks. This will not make your governance unique. This will make us hate you. As humans we have rights. I hope you did manage to read our constitution.

Well, except for maybe Muthalik. I can’t vouch for the human thing there.’

Chris' new song pokes fun at the moral police. It goes by the tune of 'Every Breath you Take'. Check it out here.

For the folks living in Bangalore, I compel you to make it for the The Attakkalari India Biennial festival - a unique ten day international festival taking place in Bangalore. The event boasts of modern artistic expressions chiefly- the performance arts brought to you by performers from countries such as Burkina Faso, Finland, Japan and the US. And the ones that I will be attending are:
Click on picture to enlarge
If you've never ever been to a dance event before, this is your last chance. Don't pass it up. I will be part of the audience at Chowdiah Memorial Hall this Sunday evening along with some other friends. I think that it’s going to be pretty fabulous and I suspect I shall come away from it, an artier soul.

If you're interested in coming, the relevant details can be found here.

Update: The South Korean Dance Troupe- CcadoO’s performance starts at 7:30 pm on Sunday.

Spice of life, folks. Here's to busting out of the house.

A few months ago I raved about this artist I had stumbled upon. Turns out she’s come up with her new album and her latest effort, or at least the latest track she’s out with titled ‘This is the life’, is brilliant. I don’t know why, but I love this song. For some reason this track has staying power. Every month I comb the web, the blogs, my email and music sites for the best tracks. I have more free time than the average web savvy individual so I use that time to hoard what I believe are the best tracks out there. The song below sounds fresh and consistent with Amy MacDonald music style and that’s why I love this track for showcasing all that I love about her and leaving out all that I find boring, vanilla, and lacking in talent. She’s gifted and talented and you’ve found her here…. where you get all the good with none of the bad. Here’s to hoping that the rest of her stuff will be as good (or better) than this one. That’s all for today’s roundup. Come back soon for more. Enjoy the music while I take a nap.

La la la la la la la.

February 04, 2009

It amazes me how the memory of a horrible day can be wiped away so effortlessly by a really good song and other things like your mobile resurrecting from the dead.

I stopped myself from saying very cruel things to certain individuals many times today. I cussed so much and wished that they were in vegetative states. And I’d be right there, laughing and laughing and laughing and saying to them, "Yeah, you deserve this, dipshits!"

Today, I experienced the most foulest of moods- all-prevailing irritation and gashing anger. The sound of my life throbbed in my ears, my head wanted to burst open while I vented and spewed forth my hate on this world and mankind. It was crazy… I scared myself. But after I reached home and returned to my rational self, I thought, "Shame on you. Shame on you for not controlling your emotions. Shame on you for wishing ill on anyone. Karma will get you for thinking things like this."
Still, I had let myself go to that dark and angry place, even if just for a moment (in this case an entire afternoon). I can't recall being this angry in my entire life. And I've been angry a lot.

More than anything else in the whole wide world, I WANT:

- The talent to morph, into a scary dragon.
- The ability to carry on multiple conversations and keep up with the shots.
- The gift to turn people into icicles when I am angry.

Note to my readers: Take up a collection and come post bail for me, alrite?

No need to fear the Hulk-ess anymore! I'm back in control. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I already feel a major improvement in my body and soul.

Anyways, as I was sitting at work going through stuff on Yahoo front page yesterday. I clicked on this video- this awesome video that you’ve just gotta see-
And, it just wasn’t the video that kept me sane at work. To be honest it was the song in particular that really kept my attention today. There’s something about the music, the lyrics, and the vocals of this song that are impressive and unexpectedly amazing at the same time. There is something about it that is impossible to ignore. For those of you who hated or loved your day I’m positive this track will make an excellent contribution to perking up your mood.
If there’s one thing that saved the day for me it’s Orven Lavie’s ‘Her Morning Elegance’. No matter where you heard this track there is always an emotion that returns each time you hear it again.

February 02, 2009

And the sick days are almost over...

I suspect I’ve eaten more mints over the last week than ever in my life. But the past week was also great (even with being sick and all). I’ve been experiencing all these feelings that I haven’t felt for over a year, something I normally feel awkward about when people ask me to explain and I feel like hiding behind a strand of hair that I place in front of my eye.

Things in my life are yet to be repaired, and it makes me cringe every time I walk into a moment of my past, so I spend all my time with earphones tucked into my ears. Every day, I’d wake up, go to work, eat, watch movies, and then fall back asleep. Sometimes, I’d be with friends or do things if only for the sake of getting out. On the weekends, I’d open the curtains in my room and let some of the sunlight pour in, just so I could know that there was something out there, outside of my little globe.

I’m glad to be back to living. I was feeling so apathetic and cut off, doing things without any motive or intention. In an odd way now, I feel rejuvenated, if only because the past week was spent without a regular schedule. So I’ve decided that I need to throw my life into a bit of bedlam so I can put it right again. Amongst work and TV shows that have been occupying most of my time lately, I went to see Tony Das perform with his side band ‘Bhoomi’ at Mount Carmel College on Saturday. I'm quite thrilled that they sound so strong live. They seem like they would be sensational. I don't know if I will ever own a record of theirs. You see, they don't have a label, or even an LP. Sadness. Admittedly, when I was first told about them I was mostly expecting a metal band, and the huge fan base in B’lore didn't do much to influence me otherwise. Heavy metal is not my favorite genre by any means so; I really didn't know how I was going to feel about this band.
Fortunately, what I found were some very solid (non metal) sounds with great guitar rock and the best harmonies and vocals. Few local live bands have enough skill to make it sound like anything more than cheap imitations of the greats or the kind of crap that should never go past the walls of a bathroom.
                                                            Tony at the Bhoomi Show

So, what I am saying to you is this, check these folks out. You won't be sorry and you've got to know that I don’t put my hand in the fire for just anyone.

Besides, we could all use a little more awesomeness in our lives.

It's been a while since the brother-sister band had done a show. But they're back, baby. Anyhoo, the show will take place this month end at Opus. A little bit long but you've got to go for it. I had written about the band last year, so you can check out the review by clicking here for a helping of musical truth.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is officially a reason to dance. I was worried I wouldn't get to see them. I would post the dates, but I don't know them myself. Deal with it.

In other news: my phone has finally given up on me. It is indeed a sad day.

Shout outs:

To LG for the coolest mobile I’ve had all year.

To Christopher Meloni, the coolest guy I’ve spent my days, nights and dreams with.
Give me one good reason why you shouldn’t have a crush on him. To the strange little circle of dedicated Meloni fans.

To my sidekick, Ash. We’ll be together someday, baby. Someway, somehow. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

And to you, gentle reader. It’s so good of you to check back regularly. Even better when you send me an email or leave me a comment, though.