August 23, 2008

Evuhleen's Downtown for Music

After work I went out with the girls and Ck for dinner last night. All I could think about was my new friend. I imagined the face of my intended, embracing me in his arms- uh! I didn’t know I could be so theatrical. I don’t think my self-esteem could handle it if it actually happened. My hyper state of existence has thrown me into a tangle of uncertainty and over dramatics.

My addiction to shopping is getting out of hand. I told Ck and Ruan to go ahead and order food while I took Runa to my favorite shopping place so she could get something for Tony’s upcoming birthday. I was famished but that didn’t stop me from spending a good amount of time buying some clothes. I worry that my priorities are misplaced.

I was all ready for it to be a horrible, hellish experience at work without Shreyas around to check on us. When the day came for him to leave to Goa for a holiday I kept asking him neurotic questions about the process and couldn’t take comfort in the fact that he was leaving the team to fend for itself but it’s been pretty painless and we’ve been able to do just about a good job on our own.

Last night, I was in a pretty good mood because I’ve got two new readers, who happen to be colleagues of mine. Both of them started reading my blog after hearing about it from friends of mine and one of them sent me a message online to tell me that she was a fan. I had heard that the other reader maintained a blog on LiveJournal, I decided to visit his page after the flurry of activity at work had died down. Sometimes I really just love the world. Fabulousness from this blog. Take a gander and see what you think.

In my mind whenever I think of the word ‘Guitar Hero’ I’m probably thinking Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Slash…way before I’d ever think of the video game. So, by now most of you guys might’ve heard about Guitar Hero. Personally, I wasn’t brought up on video games. So I don’t see what the big hoot about it is. The news related to the game is about some 16 year old that has dropped out of school to practice and compete in the game. Is that ridiculous or what? I mean, if you’re spending all that time perfecting the push of buttons why don’t you just learn the damn guitar. I’m hoping folks out there get it in their heads that there’s a difference between the two- buttons and strings.

Chan photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino for Jalouse '05

Years down the lifeline of rock, entire uniqueness is tremendously uncommon. Everything is an offshoot of something. So when I listen to an artist or a song and it doesn’t remind me of anything I’ve heard before I’m real curious. Chan Marshall is at a point where, like it or not… is going to be included in my blog for more than a post. She’s here with ‘He War’ and she’s proved that she’s worth checking out. Go Cat Power!