February 28, 2011

Frenchman & I: Mom, Dad: We would like to get married.

Mom: *Sniff* *sniff* Lovely, lovely!

Frenchman & I: Mom, dad, we would like have a simple wedding.

Mom: Yes, your wedding will be small and simple. We will only invite immediate family and close friends. There’s your two sisters and brother-in-law and  your fifty cousins, your dozens of uncles and aunties, all your classmates from college, your colleagues, all your other friends, our neighbors…

Me: What? What happened to small and simple?

I’ve always wanted a simple wedding. In fact, if I had my way, my wedding reception would be on a beautiful shore with my closest friends, my twin and her boyfriend, my older sister, her husband and their kid, the Frenchman’s friends, his parents and mine. But I didn’t want my Mom to hate me.

And hence the last days of my sanity ended and our crazy wedding planning began. We had to be creative in making our wedding meaningful and elegant.

We chose a place that my father had no problem booking with a good discount. It’s a small ground. And we decided to have an outdoor wedding with a minister present to solemnize the occasion.

Getting my wedding dress made at the same place my best friend, Runa, got hers done.

The bridesmaids went ahead and got their dresses stitched in the colour I chose.

I got my wedding cards custom-made according to the wedding theme. The Frenchman designed the content. And my dad and bro-in-law got them printed out.

My sisters got all the souvenirs (thank you cards) made.

My folks and the Frenchman took care of the wedding rings.

Sound systems are going to be provided by a good friend from my local church.

Three of my friends are going to sing at the wedding for free.

We’re going to have three friends who will photograph the entire event and so they were free too.

A friend’s mom from church will arrange the flowers and the d├ęcor needed for the wedding.

We’re going to hire a nice white car and decorate it according to the theme of the wedding.

So for a whole month, we deliberated, booked, designed, invited, mailed, budgeted, paid, you know the lot. We also had to do the socials that came with every wedding like the bachelorette where I received kinky products and lingerie from my well-meaning friends, apparently to teach me…umm… how to be kinky?

If all that wasn’t stressful enough, we also have to prepare and process all our documents: marriage certificates, visas, clearances (that was the bloodiest), etc.

On top of everything, I continued working in the office… until today. Eeeeesh!!

4 days before the wedding and I’m packing up my stuff to move out after March 5th (while Mom sniffles at the corner). Here, the Frenchman and I begin our journey of a lifetime for our life together.

So here’s to me and my Frenchman! (Clink!)

To the people who read this page, don’t think that I’ve disappeared… I’m still here… lurking on your blogs… laughing out loud, nodding, shaking my head, tut-tutting, being proud of all of you and egging you guys on.

And now, I’ve got a handful of days for the big ceremony that’s approaching. Will be back to blogging a little after the weddings (I hope…) for next time… the Miss Married Chronicles.

The past month was filled with unforgettable music. As I was pouring over all of the great songs I began agonizing (often vocally to my husband) about how I was possibly going to choose which songs I like that would make the wedding list. So below I present to you the one such fruit of this labor.

This track titled 'Coming Home' by Diddy sits at number one on my list because every time I hear it, it contributes something new, yet cohesive, to the listening experience. The following track is an Arion Dubstep remix and it’s one of my new favourites.

To my husband.