January 09, 2009

Friday and 'Undiscovered'

I walk into my house exhausted, tired out, cranky as hell, geared up to pick a fight and my dad looks up from his book and says, “Hey love… need a hug?”

The evening I feel all grouchy and irritable that’s the evening there’s some great food being cooked in the kitchen.

Guess, the higher powers are just determined to make me have an excellent day, so really who am I to fight it?

The movie I’ve been waiting to tell you readers about is called ‘Undiscovered’. It wasn’t one of those famous movies that came out in 2005. The story line is pretty believable and attention-grabbing but somehow it seemed as though the characters lacked the ‘connection’ that’s needed for a love story. That apart, if you liked the music they played in movies such as ‘Almost Famous’ you’ll like this one
Steven Strait comes across as that perfect "musician" and he has that winning quality that kept my focus on him. The music was surprisingly good. I really liked some of the songs that were performed in the film. Of course, there were a few cheesy songs because they can't all be winners. In the end, Undiscovered is worth checking out; if not for the story then you must, for the music.
The music performed in the movie fit in every way, particularly "Smart in a Stupid Way" and "Boomerang". The soundtrack is excellent, the music is rich, and the musical performers are unyielding.
'Undiscovered' has a musician's feel that non-musicians could easily overlook. The movie is a precise depiction of real life in the pursuit of recognition and musical discovery, which in the end slants towards the side of musical conception rather than the stage.

But this is a music blog, and I don’t talk about movies unless there’s music to be heard in them. Today, I’m uploading the two of the above mentioned tracks as well as a third titled ‘This is living’. All tracks have been sung by the lead actor Steven Strait. For those of you who haven’t or won’t see the movie, here below are three of my favorite songs off this motion picture.
The sound quality on this isn’t the absolute greatest and for that I apologize. Enjoy your weekend dear readers. And, don’t forget to enjoy the music.