February 10, 2010

Tranquility, Adoration and Contentment

It is vital to keep in mind that with better clearness of vision comes better understanding.

So to the techies who insist on getting into the elevator, despite it being really overcrowded, I clearly understand that if you insist on getting into an already crowded one tomorrow your ass will only cause you to be injured by my foot as I stick it out to kick you. And then I will feel great.


The bond between my brain and my fingers has been a little slow lately (mmm, work) so I've been sloppy on the blogging. Hoping to make it back to the office tomorrow for the last day of work this week (on a dose of pain killers). Regular blogging to resume soon.

Who better than Frou Frou's (Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth) 'Let go' to ease you into your week. This song falls under the “it’s been stuck in my head for more than a day so I thought I should post it and pass the obsession along” variety. Oh and I assure you that you’ll be silently dancing to it well into the next month. Enjoy.