October 23, 2009

Have you ever had one of those moments in which you're sure your life will end? You know the kind when there's-no-possible-way-that-I-didn't-breathe-my-last kind of moment. I have one that I was, for some reason, thinking about yesterday.

When I was at the capital one day, we were stuck in traffic at one side of the mountain. And if you’ve ever seen these roads in Kohima, you’ll know that they are too narrow for two cars to travel beside each other. So while I was sitting in my sis’ Gypsy waiting for the cars to move my twin announces that there are rocks falling. We thought it was a joke until I saw a few more boulders rumbling down the side of the hill. Luckily, our driver didn’t wait to make sure if it was true and quite skillfully overtook the car in front of us, damaging it only slightly. Needless to say the boulders didn’t do much damage. We managed to bail before it would have made contact. A few scratches to the vehicle was much better than the alternative.

The landslide almost killed me. But it didn't, and I guess that's the important thing. And the fact that every so often - on the odd occasion - you stumble upon the absolute perfect getaway. I mean, just right that you have to punch yourself to make sure that what's happening is genuine, that it isn't some kind of cruel reverie that makes reality pale in comparison. This was just such a trip. Two weeks. Yes, I was off - as in not working - for a whopping two weeks. And now I'm back at work. I'm sad. But I guess the holiday couldn't go on eternally. For one thing, I'd be poor and I have the feeling I wouldn't like living off my parents’ money. I don't think they’d understand my need to update the wardrobe every other week.
Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Amos Lee’s, third and most recent full length album “Last Days at the Lodge” contains a track titled "What's Been Going On". You can check out the track below this post. He has a lot of hype to live up to; especially after being named one of Rolling Stone's “Top 10 Artists to Watch”. This track does the talking for him.