October 14, 2008

All By Myself

As a teenager I was always swept away with the images of nightlife I saw in movies and shows like Cheers and Ally McBeal that always seemed to feature working, sexy women experiencing the big city social prancing. I was born to drink my nights away in wine glasses filled with dangerous liquids while chatting casually with other working folks, dressed in formal attire. But I find myself at home with pubs and cafes not very far away and I deliberately choose to stay indoors for some much needed relaxation and homeliness – which feels like a hopeless announcement of defeat.

I remind myself of Bridget Jones, stuffed into her pajamas and safely tucked in her room far away from the world of the media. Sleeping early on a Saturday night I actually find myself looking forward to the idea of waking up early Sunday morning. This is how every spinster in the Asian continent feels, no?

There’s so much difference between the person I had imagined myself to grow up into and the boring person I see myself now. The image of going-out is just a way of making yourself feel better, of trying to live the life you saw on screen and see yourself do things you never imagined you could do in ordinary life? Drinking exotic drinks, dancing in a crowd, seducing someone handsome- Is there really a difference between that and the escapism of looking through various models of mobiles to find the one that will make you stand out while waiting for coffee? Is there a difference between making small talk with a bunch of arty-farty people over loud music and reading an exciting book, which reveals some truth about life and what’s been missing is right there in front of you if you look closer?

And I’d go on but this post is exceeding the number of characters that mark me as a social neurotic. So enough about the fantasized nightlife and the adolescent imaginations! It’s almost the end of the post, which means it’s time for The Musiq!
Here’s what I picked for today:
'Let it be me'

There’s a new man in town!

I have had his tracks sitting in a folder for more than a week and it’s about TIME he takes his place on my blog. I don’t think my house could contain that much awesome. I’m not saying more because this is just a teaser of what’s to come in my post tomorrow or sometime this week, but tonight belongs to this DUDE! Onward!