July 10, 2008


Work has been insane. I feel like it’s melting my brain. I’m also feeling really tired and psychotic. I think I’ll just need some music to calm me down.

After my crew and I watched ‘Caramel’ we talked about how much we loved it and I decided that I should get my other friends to watch it as well. What I love about the film is how everything appears so unrehearsed and unforced. This foreign film is so true to life, where drama doesn't always need to conclude in romance. Every scene begged repeat viewings and the movie highlighted the strength of the characters – lives of very real women.

Before I met the crew at a dinner party thrown for Ruan last night, I did some last minute shopping, paid up, zipped out of the store and headed to Orange Peel. “Unwind your Senses,” reads their mission statement. I was blown away when I entered the restaurant. It represents what’s been missing from B’lore’s dinning beauty. What better way to celebrate a new aesthetic for beauty than dining with the beautiful stars? I had the most amazing food there. I tried the chicken, beef and seafood dishes- overall, it was spectacular.

Well the weather has been weird over the past few weeks and we've had just a couple of good days of sun in that time. Not to complain or anything but it is friggin freezing right now. It's been raining all the way through and it doesn't look like it is improving anytime soon. My hot water bottle is my new best friend.

Ending this post with a track by Deep Purple. This is one of my favorite tracks from the band. Love the way Tony Das played this track at Palace Grounds. ‘Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming’.