July 31, 2008

A New Honour

Planning to throw a party for a friend who happens to also be Dex’s friend. Hmm... We know whose name makes it first on the list, don’t we?
I’ve been so incredibly charmed and delighted that I know I am in for some real trouble. I am not sure how to deal with the fact that he might be reading this. (If you are Dex- then bugger off!). Even so I’m going to still keep writing about him because I don’t want to have to censor myself and it would just be oh-so-boring if I can’t give a pitiably irrational account of my pitiably irrational existence. I promise to give more details soon about my complicated life with him. Of course, I'll have to think about the likelihood that this chase might actually end in success and won’t really spare me the time to write. Then what is to become of my blog? With any luck I’ll be greatly displeased with him in an amusing way (like I always am with Dex). That way I’ll be always free to post about music I’m crazy about and throw in details of my mind-numbing life. Thank god I make my choices on what will make people happy.

I’ll be spending the weekend at CK’s. It’s movie night and then something illegal. Due to these good times I most likely will not have access to the internet for a couple of days but don’t fret, I’ll be back on Monday with some fresh new music and details for you kids to gobble up.

Emerging alternative rock band, ‘A New Honour’ comprises of William Prince on vocals, Dann ‘Mars’ Mitchell on the lead, Chris de Monye on bass and Jeremy Yuen on drums. They may sound like the standard alternative rock bands out there but what stands out are their rousing lyrics. Here’s a band to keep an eye out for and the album ‘The Untitled Truce’ is sure to make fans of alternative rock music beg for more.

I’m so glad I have this space to write about music on my own terms and put it out here for other people to read. I started this blog with the way music made me feel and the things I love about it and have since waded through artists- famous and unheard of, hit singles, new discoveries, old discoveries, love and life that I’ve found in my search for music. I never thought I’d have people comment, write to me and tell me that they like this blog let alone read it. The best news is that this spring is far from dry. Thanks for reading y’all.

Here's A New Honour with 'Close the Ocean'