July 18, 2008

Hoping the wait for the next great band or album will end soon. I had waited so long for Coldplay’s album to be released and now that I’ve listened to it nearly a thousand times over I’m waiting for something new to shake the ground beneath my feet. Until then I’ll have to play it cool for some time but if we’re in for another round of boozy lyrics and rock tunes faltering really close to standard… I think I might pass out.

A couple of weeks ago I had set out on what I thought would be a half an hour trip to the music store to buy The Unseen Guest and Lifehouse’s albums. It’s been long overdue so my patience levels were verging on psychotic. I went to both Planet M and Music World. Nothing. Where else was there to go to buy an album by a lesser-known band? What about Lifehouse? I thought they were big? That was the end of the road for me. After an afternoon of chasing my tail I figured shopping a bit would cheer me up. I think I’m on a complain trip, so bear with me. I’ll get over it in a day or two.

I can’t wait to see the Dark Knight. When this baby hits theatres, you better believe I’m there. I’m also plotting to write about Kings of Leon sometime soon. In addition, I’m still in search of good new music. From there, let’s see where my exploration takes me.

People think I’m obsessed with myself. Thinking about it, if I had a chance I’d probably marry me. I’m just the kind of person that loves me a little bit more than others do themselves. And why not? I’ve worked hard to be the person I am at present. I like me- messy, a bit rude at times and crazy enough to put myself through crap that isn’t worth the self-infliction but the best part of it all is that my world has everything to do with music.

While I can’t really speak for the rest of the album – ‘Take me out’ by Franz Ferdinand is a fun and punchy track that is fairly relentless in its spunk. The seamless switch from verse to chorus makes you want to say –genius! Press play below. For an extra bizarre kick, watch the video here and say goodbye to your crappy mood. Have a great weekend y’all!