July 23, 2008

I remember how nutty I used to be about happy ending chick flicks. I used to wonder what life would be like after the movies, and it hasn't been so bad really. Although now I think I've mellowed down. These days, I eat a lot, type a lot and fantasize about places I'd like to go, situations I like to be in and men I’d like to go out with. I worry mostly about whether I’ve read the mails right or I've screwed up somewhere at work. Gosh, I've been reduced to a robot, haven't I? I've moved on and left the dreaminess behind. Something within feels less significant as if I’ve been shoved into a pothole, wilting and dwindling with every passing day. I hate to be this way. This brings to mind a scene in Papillion when the protagonist dreams of being accused by ethereal judges of committing the worst sin possible- that of a wasted life. I would hate for my life to just wither away. I wish I was me, five years ago. Young, hopeful, idealistic.

When I got home from work- I realized my dog had a new collar. I should do a profile on him soon. He’s been one of my favorite dogs, a scruffy little fellow called Brownie (for the record, I did not name him or I would’ve come up with something like Arthur or Toto). He eats a lot and dreams for long hours. He does get a little looney at times but that’s why I love him to bits.

I watched The Other Boleyn Girl today. It features one of my favorite actors- Eric Bana. I didn’t really like how the women were portrayed, especially Ann Boleyn (played by Natalie Portman). But overall, the movie wasn’t too bad. It made a very interesting watch.

Okay, tonight is my night for a good night's rest with Patrick Dempsey. I'm going to be watching ‘Made of Honour’ in a hour or two. Cold day today. Not good. But I'm just glad to be finished with work and at home and in bed.

I’m a huge fan of Eric Martin cos he’s just brilliant. I believe he was one of the best artists in the American music scene and I still feel that way today. There exists talent and consistency in his music that is not often found in today’s modern single song download driven industry. All his songs are amazing and I challenge you to find a single track of his that isn’t absolutely worth having in your music collection.

I really love the song below. Go on press play.