September 01, 2009

Tuesday again, huh? I can't say I'm too pleased about that. And my brain isn’t operating too well. I've got all kinds of things I shouldn't talk about but nothing I should.
I won't talk about sleep. Or, more precisely, the lack of sleep. No matter how appropriate it might be in light of some terrible sleeping this weekend. It's a familiar, old refrain and I'd hate to bore you. But..... before you know it, the damn alarm goes off over and over again and despite being screamed at by my mom because I’ll be feeling about as motivated to go to work as I am about drinking coffee. When I do head to work, it’ll be cold and windy and the traffic will suck. I’ll stroll into my office, booted up and take a sip of tea. Instead of it being the standard measure of milk, water and sugar, with my sleepy head, eyes and hands I would’ve dumped gallons of milk or sugar into it. I’ll feel betrayed. And I’d wonder if my brain knew me. “I thought we were tight, Brain?” Soulless bitch.

3 more days standing between me and the weekend. I think it’s time to get more tea.

Over the weekend I attended a fabulous event at the Opus to watch a live performance by funny man, Vir Das. We had a terrific time--we almost choked on our food as we cackled the night away. I did have a fabulous time and the event left me all stirred up and in such a good mood.
Vir Das, a very charming actor/comedian who used to do a face-kicking funny job on two high-rated comedies, one airing on CNBC called 'News on the Loose' and the other on Zoom TV on the show 'Ek Rahen Bir'. That night, I have to admit that he looked quite sexier than ever might I add and very well toned. He succeeded in making himself sound like an absolute asshole and made me realize why I liked his show so much. Alas, it was all good, clean (well, except for the flowing booze) fun. I'm thrilled and just surprised beyond belief that he actually was nice enough to make conversation and click some pictures with us after the show. And what it all boils down to, ladies and gentlemen, is that I’m a sucker for some good humour especially when it’s been presented by a very hot looking package.

If you've spent any time here, you know that I listen to and own a lot of music. From time to time, I geek-out on your asses with a long rundown of all the stuff I've listened to in a particular week or day I've been digging. I don't plan to bring that to an end anytime soon. Hey, I've created an entire site for it.
Swing by every once in a while - I'll post new reviews of albums and songs as I encounter them. You'll probably see some familiar entries too. So, what are you waiting for? A brand-spankin' new review is up and it's a band you won't want to miss.

There's some discreet supposition that Indie bands are lo-fi, technically weak, shoe-gazers. From the sound of some bands, you'd think the members created their songs out of a hat, practiced for a fine 15 minutes, and then recorded their album in a single take. It's not an awful thing (while occasionally, it really, really is) but every so often that's not what I want to hear. Sometimes I want some of my devotion in musicianship, in uniqueness, reinforced. Enter Mazzy Star and their album ‘So Tonight That I Might See’.
I’m going with the track ‘Fade into you’ because it has something of interest, some little slice of creativity that you’ll find you enjoy. I honestly can’t believe it took me a long time to finally hear this song. It was released/ recorded in 1994 and I’m just now, finally, hearing it. Where have all my music loving friends gone? Why was I not force fed this track, years ago? This track is but a taste of how great this album is. Trust me though, this is a single that needs to be added to your collection.

Sure, I am a comment whore but I also plan on using this for good. I know my current blogroll is a little, well, dated. I'd like you to comment so I can round it out and rebuild it a bit. So, get over here if you haven't already. In the mean time, thanks. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read. I'm not always sure why you do, but I really appreciate it. I'm puzzled, but touched.