November 24, 2009

Check 1..2…3 Check (Is this thing switched on?)

I apologize for the lack of regular updating. As I said in the last post - which was how many days ago? - things here have been on the super-hectic side and blogging has been the last thing I've had the time or energy to do. Posts are going to be very light but I'm going to do my best to keep you updated as we go along. I have a couple of entries in the works that will be easy to whip up. One is about school and here’s a treat – a before and after picture! Explanations are forthcoming, but I'll give you this: the ninja invasion is 100% true. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

If you like blues - really gritty, dirty blues with raw guitars, howling vocals and stripped down rhythms. Then you need to come down to The Le Rock Pub in B’lore city this Friday at 7 pm because you are about to witness two gorgeous musicians – Rudy Wallang and Tipriti ‘Tips’ Kharbangar (Soulmate) who heard the blues and never looked back. If you just like a good, old-fashioned bluesy vibe, you'll dig it and you can join me for a drink if you find yourself at the venue on said date. Hope to see you at the show.

(P:S - 300/- cover charge for couples and 400/- for stags.)
Due to an awesome link left some time ago on my facebook page I have had the pleasure of being introduced to a great Indie Rock band called ‘Arcade Fire’ by my friend, colleague and fellow blogger, Pete. Arcade Fire maybe a band whose music I know very little of but from what I’ve listened to, their music is quite universal. To be honest I think the track ‘Neon Bible’ is better than a lot of Indie Rock music I’ve heard to date. If I was forced to offer up a glib little review this is all I’d have to say.

You must watch their video here.
This version of ‘Neon Bible’ is even more beautiful than the real thing. It’s shot in an elevator and I love the whole tearing pages out of magazines. It’s just like taking your favorite parts of a track; putting them with acoustics, and playing that fantasy out for two whole minutes.
Trust me when I say that if you like this track you’ll simply love the band. It really is that good; Canadians seem know what they’re doing. And special thanks to the awesome soul who introduced me to them. You should thank them too.