September 04, 2008

September’s Here

A little less from me now that September looms large. Ah, glorious September, my favorite month of the year. Birthday coming up (yay! presents) and celebrating the end of a year of determination and despair. Or rather the survival of it. I’ve turned down a trip to Goa with my crew because I need to save up for my big trip to Nagaland. Had a nice chat with Imcha, who’s very very busy getting his line ready. My best friend is one of 9 designers taking part in October’s ‘Lakme Fashion Week’. He’s currently in Nagaland getting his clothing line created with the help of naga weavers. I got a little peek at his line and it looks absolutely fabulous.

It feels like it was just yesterday the both of us were sitting on his couch, watching the rain fall and having some hot soup prepared by his sister and now, he’s some hot shot designer that I can never seem to get to talk to. Today, he seemed very happy when he told me his work was going well and a minute later he sent me a picture of himself applying makeup on some model and above the picture he wrote:

‘hey princess...
hope this would remind You of me.
miss me


(Had to edit the picture or Imcha wouldn't approve of me uploading it with the model's face)

I’m terribly envious that he got to live his dream and terribly proud that he made it.

If you've been reading this blog, you must have guessed that I like movies. A lot. And I store DVDs, particularly those of my favorite movies. I also get a little carried away with the available extras. I'll watch movies with the commentary on, especially if it's a good one that features the cast as well. I completely de-stressed yesterday, by watching a few movies- ‘Rock On’- my first hindi flick in two years. Quite good, I must say. I read this blog that explored the theme of ‘compromise’ and ‘choices’. Only made me want to watch the movie again. The other movie was ‘Definitely Maybe’. One of those mushy-romantic love stories with humor thrown in to save it. A movie I could’ve done without watching.

As I write this I’m enjoying a bowl of cold cereal and milk and listening to this track by Radiohead called ‘High and Dry’. It managed to wrestle with the other songs on my playlist so I’m going to be uploading it today. The melody is brilliant and the instrumentation lush, a really great song. In my opinion, the lyrics of this song are poetry. There are many interpretations of it- unrequited love, unhappiness with the world, not taking things for granted- endless meanings. Unlike Radiohead’s other songs this one is a wee bit too normal for me. Lack’s the trademark weirdness of the band.

I can’t wait to be done with tomorrow. Work rigorously through the week; give way on Friday; get up woozily on Saturday; panic on Sunday about going to work the next day and on Monday the cycle begins. Before I go off on a rant, here’s the song that made it to Billboard Hot 100 in 1995.