October 12, 2009

I do not have enough time

Eve is out, wading through knee high grass in a white dress that just about touches her shin head held up high arms stretched out- as if she is trying to capture as much of the moment as she could. Ok that's what I imagine her doing on her hiatus. So, until then you've got me to keep the music playing. Well, I am Peter and i do have a journal (http://shouldifollow.livejournal.com) that i have not updated in what seems like eternity- the reason being "I do not have enough time".

There are a lotta things I do not do these days, like stopping by at the corner for a quick bite at my favorite Samosa Place or walk down the street when it's raining. I do not know why I stopped doing what I loved doing not so long ago. So, I've decided to travel a lot, start a band (this is just wishful thinking) work hard and have enough ways to spend all that i earn (not big on the idea of saving).

Ever since I've heard of this place Bhagsu from a friend of mine I've been wanting to go there. So, Bhagsu is first on my list of go to places in India. Do let me know if you've heard or been to a place in India that I need to add to my list.

We The Living.

A band that believes that the best way to get their music out to the people is by playing live concerts. We the living a melodic, alternative rock band that's been making some wonderful music since April 2007 with songs like Sound of love (http://songza.fm/~d0bajv) and my favorite Best Laid Plans (http://songza.fm/~3ege5b). The words to their songs are anything but put together in a hurry, much thought is put into the words as is to the melody. A song to listen to - is their remarkable cover of Thom Yorke's Black Swan.