August 07, 2008

Me and My Starlight

This post is about the who’s who in my life. First up are Ruan and Runa. Runa is short for Aruna. Runa and I go way back. We knew each other from school but started hanging out in college. Ruan, joined us in Post Grad. and we’ve been together ever since. These two have been my partners in crime and the closest to me. They’re both gorgeous and smart with a love for music, singing, reading and some naughty things I shall not name. The three of us even work in the same company. While it gets a little stifling at times it just reminds us that we have each other to fall back on.

Next we have Dex and Imcha. They’re probably my closest male friends. We’re food and music buddies. We swap ideas, critiques and generally misbehave. Dex was my first love and then we became friends. Imcha, was the crazy boy I spent every minute of my day with. I’ve known both of them for about about 8 years now. My friendship with Dex revolves around flirting and food and with Imcha, its music and fashion.

Then we have Ck and Shreyas. Ck is my ex supervisor and shreyas is my current supervisor. Ruan, Runa, Ck, Shreyas and me always hang out together and are always upto mischief. Both of these guys are lovely people to know, good-hearted and a lot of fun too. Shreyas loves to give us a show and snap us out of boredom. Ck is funny with a fondness for music, films and crosswords.

Another person who gets mentioned quite a lot on this blog is the Crooner. A recent ex who seems to be on my love-hate list.

Then there’s Abigail. She’s my little niece. A 1 ½ year old, known by names such as Abby, Lemlem, Aolem and Lemska. She’s far too scary for me to look after by myself though she’s showing early signs of being quite a hottie and having a thing for fashion.

Another person who’s mentioned on this blog is Tony Das. An amazing guitarist who just went to Mumbai to hang out with Virgil Donati and Brett Garsed. Tony is Runa’s boyfriend and they adore each other. Tomorrow they celebrate five years of being together.
They’re a lot of others who make very occasional appearances but these above, are the main ones that get written about.

To my amazing friends- here’s One Republic’s rendition of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Last Goodbye’. (I love the lyrics. Hence the scroller)

Lyrics | Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye lyrics