October 21, 2008


Some of my friends, (no wait, actually many) will tell you that I can worry my head off and make a mountain out of a mole hill. From worries at work to deciding what I’m going to wear, I realize that sometimes I let my imaginations run wild. I think of the worst because it's usually the worst that happens, but also, when you expect the worst and something great happens instead, you can be pleasantly surprised.

All you positive thinkers out there, you're always being let down by people because you expect good things to happen and you think the best of people. “Oh, he would never do that to me!” and “he’s better than that”. Guess what? He WOULD do that to you, if he hasn't already. People will not only live up to your negative expectations of them, they will surpass them.

I admit, it's a pretty cynical outlook towards life, but it's also realistic. I bet most of you could list on one hand how many times you've been let down, either by a lover, co-worker or friend just in the last six months. I try not to think about the bad things that have happened in past relationships, since it just means extra baggage for current or future ones, but a little baggage is sometimes needed, you know?

And you can probably guess that I’m not feeling too spunky today. Do you believe that every high is followed by a low? Sometimes I feel like my highs are higher than everyone else’s and I also feel that my lows are lower. You can’t really measure something like that though. It’s much too subjective. But since I’ve been having a rough couple of days it sure feels like it.
Sometimes, on days such as this one, I need to fall back on a regular to get me where I need to be. The deliciously useful Channing Tatum.

If this doesn’t work… then it’s over to dear ol’ faithful music.

Damien Rice: If you like Folk Rock then you’ll like him. If you’ve never heard of him before it’s good that he’s getting more exposure because he really is a talented singer. Rice stays true to the folksy, acoustic, harmony filled sound which easily lands him a post on my blog. His music isn’t daring or extraordinary, but it is well crafted, well produced and flows seamlessly from start to finish.

As always, any questions, such as whether or not my regular poster boy could’ve been more hairy like Jack Sparrow: Or muscle power like Mantastic Diesel! Booya!

Or inked like Ami James: Or dashing like James Mcavoy:
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