July 25, 2008

This blog was created after a conversation with a friend made me realize that it would be great to write about two things I love the most- music and me. Hmmm…I worry sometimes if I have my priorities right.

Most of my friends are married and many of them are very happy but I hate it when they think you aren't happy because you aren't married. Of course because I'll be happy if I get a joint checking account with my husband, develop into an utterly needy wife and then hate myself for getting into something I didn’t want to and live just a totally miserable life. And it's not like you can actually tell him once you're fed up of him, "I'll see you sometime." intending never to see him again as long as you live.

Okay, I came across this blog and I don't know how I've lived without it all these years. Everyone has got to go here immediately to read one of the funniest blogs I've read online. I have only one thing to say today, which overshadows all other happenings of the day: I remembered an old song- 'Crying in the rain'. Aside from one sloppy ballad-like offering I can definitely assert that the music is quite good. Personally (and this is just my humble opinion), I dig this version of the song. The vocals are so emotional, and on the whole, the song reminds me of being alone on my terrace... only to have it rain. Oh, wait it is… I labored searching for this track. It was tough, but I do it out of love for the music.

You want the music. So here you go: