June 10, 2009

I love it when you go out and even though it isn’t your typical kinda outing you rise to the occasion and try to have fun with it. I've come away from situations like that and find it a bit strange and - bluntly - silly when i hear people say things like, "I wish they had sung different stuff!" or "He acted quite foolishly" or "There are too many people here," or "I couldn't really see anything because the guys in front me were standing and jumping around" - because as everyone knows having fun is all about sitting on your arse.
It makes me ask this question – ‘why is it that this person always picks on the off-putting and keeps out of the positive?" and related; an incident about a really awesome social gathering where I had been at with a couple of friends, and one of my friend’s friend spent the entire evening whining and moaning about how this person she really wanted to see didn’t turn up.

Aside from the fact that she was being really rude to the people all around her and that this one person she wanted to see so badly was what was going to decide whether the night was good or bad. That whiny girl was keeping herself away from having a good time by looking at what was wrong, rather than simply having fun with what was right.

And I see it happening a million times around me. I'll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of it at times and I think I completely get it when they say "If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything." It doesn't just mean "Be courteous or zip it," it also means "If you alter your perspective, you'll have fun." And it doesn’t mean that we should completely zone out on the bad stuff either.
It's all about overlooking the point. If all you've got to say about a show is "the concert sucked," you're missing the point of going to see it. If all you've got to say about an event is "but the one person I was hoping would be there wasn't there," you fail to see the point of going to an event.
So it's not really all bad that I’m never at my cube because I’ve to constantly shadow my colleagues to catch up with the new process and will therefore be so much more busy from here on in. Hell, I had to give up reading all the usual blogs I read and the frequent Facebook visits because now I have more time to... er well to work. There's a bright side in there somewhere...
Since this is a music blog, I don’t talk about movies unless there’s music to be heard in them. The film 'Magnolia', has a pretty sweet soundtrack it also contains one of the best concept songs I have ever heard. The song called ‘One’ by Aimee Mann is what I’ve decided to play on today’s post. If you get the chance you should take a break from your hectic life and see the performances in the movie “Magnolia”. The kind of film that expects you to leave logic at the door. Do not expect subdued taste and restraint, but instead a kind of operatic ecstasy. The movie is extremely daring, very enjoyable, remarkably well-written, and wildly actor-driven. This song is for Tatz, who’s leaving the company to educate himself further – ‘Miss you!’If you like the music here, and want to share it, please direct your readers, friends, lovers, etc., to this blog post. Thanks and enjoy.