February 02, 2009

And the sick days are almost over...

I suspect I’ve eaten more mints over the last week than ever in my life. But the past week was also great (even with being sick and all). I’ve been experiencing all these feelings that I haven’t felt for over a year, something I normally feel awkward about when people ask me to explain and I feel like hiding behind a strand of hair that I place in front of my eye.

Things in my life are yet to be repaired, and it makes me cringe every time I walk into a moment of my past, so I spend all my time with earphones tucked into my ears. Every day, I’d wake up, go to work, eat, watch movies, and then fall back asleep. Sometimes, I’d be with friends or do things if only for the sake of getting out. On the weekends, I’d open the curtains in my room and let some of the sunlight pour in, just so I could know that there was something out there, outside of my little globe.

I’m glad to be back to living. I was feeling so apathetic and cut off, doing things without any motive or intention. In an odd way now, I feel rejuvenated, if only because the past week was spent without a regular schedule. So I’ve decided that I need to throw my life into a bit of bedlam so I can put it right again. Amongst work and TV shows that have been occupying most of my time lately, I went to see Tony Das perform with his side band ‘Bhoomi’ at Mount Carmel College on Saturday. I'm quite thrilled that they sound so strong live. They seem like they would be sensational. I don't know if I will ever own a record of theirs. You see, they don't have a label, or even an LP. Sadness. Admittedly, when I was first told about them I was mostly expecting a metal band, and the huge fan base in B’lore didn't do much to influence me otherwise. Heavy metal is not my favorite genre by any means so; I really didn't know how I was going to feel about this band.
Fortunately, what I found were some very solid (non metal) sounds with great guitar rock and the best harmonies and vocals. Few local live bands have enough skill to make it sound like anything more than cheap imitations of the greats or the kind of crap that should never go past the walls of a bathroom.
                                                            Tony at the Bhoomi Show

So, what I am saying to you is this, check these folks out. You won't be sorry and you've got to know that I don’t put my hand in the fire for just anyone.

Besides, we could all use a little more awesomeness in our lives.

It's been a while since the brother-sister band had done a show. But they're back, baby. Anyhoo, the show will take place this month end at Opus. A little bit long but you've got to go for it. I had written about the band last year, so you can check out the review by clicking here for a helping of musical truth.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is officially a reason to dance. I was worried I wouldn't get to see them. I would post the dates, but I don't know them myself. Deal with it.

In other news: my phone has finally given up on me. It is indeed a sad day.

Shout outs:

To LG for the coolest mobile I’ve had all year.

To Christopher Meloni, the coolest guy I’ve spent my days, nights and dreams with.
Give me one good reason why you shouldn’t have a crush on him. To the strange little circle of dedicated Meloni fans.

To my sidekick, Ash. We’ll be together someday, baby. Someway, somehow. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

And to you, gentle reader. It’s so good of you to check back regularly. Even better when you send me an email or leave me a comment, though.