June 22, 2009


I finally got the chance to see my most anticipated movie of the year a couple of days ago: Wolverine. And I had to see this movie on the big screen since I love all of Hugh Jackman’s films.

The movie was brilliant. It did have some flaws, some of the cast members was a bit underused (cough, Ryan Reynolds)
and they could have given a couple of characters more than a couple of lines, but as far as movies based on cult comic books go, this is up there with Watchmen and Iron Man.

Guess a few of those bad things about the movie never really stood a chance against Hugh Jackman’s muscles and claws in the battle for the American imagination and box-office dollars. The most brilliant part for the movie was of course, the last few minutes when Wolverine and other mutants’ powers are given to another superhero, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) — who’s been made to look like Frankenstein’s monster with his lips sewed shut. The downside to that brilliant part was when the two modified men fight for the last time, the awful power of technology is less evident in Wade’s threatening new abilities than in the mutilation of his formerly expressive mouth. The comic character might be fictional and hard to believe out of the movie hall, but the issue isn’t. Questions about possible treatment with new discovered and dangerous technology rule over any opinions such as issues like the testing of fetuses to cease future hereditary flaws when such testing could result in problems that human kind cannot have imagined to be true but just stuff for viewing entertainment.

Harry Gregson-Williams released a compilation of tracks for the movie ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’; something that you might enjoy if you’re into movie soundtracks. I’ve listened to most of the songs the track ‘Logan Through Time’ sticks out as a good one, and I’m sure many of you will be interested in it, which is pretty well done. The track is uploaded below, check it out for yourself.