March 13, 2009

I started blogging when a friend suggested that I put my thoughts and love for music into words. I never expected to tell anyone what I was doing online. But you and I know that this tale doesn’t quite work out that way. It first started with my crew getting to know of it, then other colleagues and then the FAMILY! The idea of getting this writing to work out for me was to get my thoughts, experiences and musical discoveries in one place…. A record, you could call it, of the days I’ve lived in this universe and not some self-seeking trip of an incoherent theorist.

I must include this very common question I’ve been asked by people who’ve read my blog - “Am I in it?” And I’d like to throw open the question to my readers here, how on earth do you answer a question like that? Responding in the affirmative would get you caught in explaining the entire post, why you wrote about that person, about what, etc. If you were brave enough to reply in the negative then you’re swiftly confronted with this look of hurt and the glaring question (of course, unspoken) - “So you don’t really think I’m all that interesting?” Sometimes you get the most insulted response, coated with much sweetness - “Wow, how do you get around to writing so much”. Thanks. I think. But we sorted that one out and I now know what that means!

And the last one, I promise. Whenever I’m out with friends who know I blog, I’m always met with the statement “This is so going up on your blog”. The condensed answer is – Hell yeah! If something gets me laughing like a hyena or angry as a hornet, then it’s very likely going to end up here at some point. Let me tell you that a very small amount of my life stories are sacred.

So what started out as my own little secret is quick developing into common knowledge. Yes, there are certain individuals who I would still prefer not to know about my blog, as I don’t think their feedback would be either complimentary or constructive. But the intewebs is a small space and some folks are distinguished for not being able to keep shut. I know I will have to answer at some point of time about the crap I’ve written about a few people and when that happens I’ll just blatantly bold it out and ask them if they’re insulted or upset because they see some reality in what I’ve written.

I had an interesting little moment awhile ago while I was spending some time focused in on this video and I realized I had seen this boy somewhere:

And I was thinking that the fellow looked crazy similar to: 

Ridge Forrester from ‘The Bold & the Beautiful’

After bouncing around from a couple confirmations I came back to the conclusion that they’re the same person. Go figure!

That’s Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester) on bass and he can actually do more than hold that guitar! Figured that was worth mentioning. Do check out the video.
Seems I've had a fondness for 70 love ballads. In any case, this song 'Baby come back' from the band called 'Player' flows in quite hypnotically, making for an enjoyable and atmospheric tune.

(Thanks to Runa. My source for this post)