May 15, 2009

Maybe i should get myself one of these -

Any sort of hubbub you might have heard today around town was probably the sound of hell opening up, trying to suck me in because this morning I got placed in another new process in the same company. And the new supervisor told me I’d like it and I said “Maybe I won’t?” and he said, “No, no, you will!” and I said “Okay, fine I will!” I probably shouldn’t say that here, like I’m ungrateful about the opportunity I’ll have to work with the new team, but I’ve been happy for so long in my current process that the things-to-shut-your-mouth-about-with-supervisors has sloughed right off. Granted, I’ll miss my 3 troublemakers who pose as my colleagues, especially the ones who say to me every morning as I step into my cubicle, “Breakfast"?? and "Squish you” and I’ll even sort of miss having to see those cases in my inbox. I dont know if this is a good thing and the timing couldn’t have been worse, since I'm about a day away from singing karaoke to Celine Dion.

Notes to self when working with a new team:

  • Do not allow yourself to feel inferior by someone who says “a gay” instead of “gay”.
  • Enjoy your own company even when it appears others are not. You are confident and positive; they are on anti-depressants.
  • Third: I won’t miss my old job. Not one single bit.
  • I say more power to whatever helps you make it through the day. Unless it’s porn, you sad twat.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m writing about this here, especially since I typically make it a point not to write about my job online. Maybe because it’s not a big deal, it’s sort of just part of my life. Plus, I feel like it’s easier just to write about that then to try and come up with a post. Anyway, I’m not anywhere near depressed yet. Maybe it’ll skip my body this year. If it does make an appearance, I’ll wear white all month and wait it out. I am okay. I am loved. But everybody probably does wish that I wouldn’t talk quite so much.

The other day I wrote a bit about the band 30 Seconds to Mars which is one Alternative rock band that’s a bit like all the good parts you love minus all the annoying songs you don’t appreciate quite as much. Well given the things that happened today and that I really wanna play another song from this band, here’s ‘A Beautiful Lie’. This album has some absolutely stunning moments of pure post- grunge in it and it’s worth listening to every song. Because today is Friday, and we’re all loving the fact that yet another weekend is beginning, I thought I would throw up yet another slick track I’ve heard from these boys. Stream it, download it, whatever you do listen to it. Listen. To. It.