September 21, 2009

The Run Up

I’m supposed to be packing for my trip next week. So far I’ve given myself a haircut, bought myself birthday clothes, started following an exercise routine and made two separate to-do lists. Trying to pack appropriate clothing for three different climates is a little harder than I anticipated. “Layering” does not start to explain this. I wish I was Faith Evans so I could just wear a bikini and a fur vest the whole time but I’d hate to overdress.

So, I’m going to be turning 26 this Thursday. I guess I need to buy eye cream or something? But not lose it for not being on the marriage or the baby train.
As I was shopping at ‘Lifestyle’ over the weekend there was this mother who was in the trial room, trying to reason with her impressionable teenager daughter, that she needed to wear something that made her look young, and I couldn’t help exhaling noisily and discontentedly at the woman as I walked away. It’s okay; I’m sure all kinds of karma will visit her tenfold, probably in the form of puke - which has nothing to do with marriage or babies but I’m so friggin’ pissed at that woman for saying that to her daughter in front of strangers. It’s a good thing I wasn’t stoned, because I’d have never made it out of that mall without giving her a black eye.

Sis tells me that Mr. Big will be playing in Dimapur on October 14 - the icing on this cake (more on that to come). I don’t know what’s happened, someone gave up their voodoo doll of me or Mars and Venus took a break or something, but this past week has been amazing. I got to hang out with my favourite blues band of all time, hung out with my two favourite friends, watched ‘Up’, shopped a lot and ate a lot more.

P:S- My sister called from Nagaland. Haven’t spoken to her in weeks and I miss my niece. News is she might be pregnant. ‘Might’ being the high-flying word here but I’m already imagining another kid looking as amazing as my niece.

Once upon a time there was a vocalist, record producer, songwriter, musician, author, and actress named Nona Hendryx. She recorded a single called ‘Transformation’ in 1983 (incidentally, the year I was born in). I heard it and instantly fell in love with the song. I played it over and over because it was, and still is, insanely great. I also found a cover of ‘Transformation’ by Pam Grier, Miss Hendryx and the band BETTY. If possible, that version kicks more ass than the original and the original was damn good. It’s a catchy, driving, soul-funk rock song. Listen to the track, thank me later.