January 02, 2010

Short Post


So, it’s the last few days of my Post Christmas Crazy Vacation and well, you're probably wondering what the hell that means.

I got sprung! Yep, my best friend from Doha (an air hostess who visits me once a year) came down on Saturday night and today; I finally had the chance to breathe. Despite the fact that it's been nearly five years, since I’ve been out like this. Dudes, it was cool. Food and fun. And just us girls! It allowed me to channel my inner 19-year old. Without the snorting and bad manners. My folks would have disapproved.

The company shutting down for the holidays was invaluable. As time goes by so quickly, you realize everything around you changes so fast. I don't think you ever really understand the magnitude of that statement until you see it in your friends and they see it in you. It's mind-boggling.

New Year’s was a pretty quiet event. The girls and I went out to eat at a beautiful local Thai place and then I headed to church.

Oh...and my new year's resolution? I resolve to maintain a better perspective at work. Still kick ass, but not get sucked into some of the drama, to read the Bible everyday, and to have a decent art portfolio.

As we move on ahead with another year and buy new calendars to replace the old ones, I just want to say thank you. Thanks to all of you who drop by and read whatever it is I've written about. Thanks to those of you who have had to say something about my posts and those who merely hang around. Some of you have been reading since I started this space. Here’s a hug. I can't believe I haven't bored you to tears yet.

I wish you all the best in the coming New Year. I hope 2010 treats you right and sees your dreams come true. Me, well, I'll be right here as always. I hope to see you around. Spread the word and be good to each other.

Aqualung is just about the most underappreciated artist on the face of the earth. Whenever I listen to him I feel like I'm being let in on a great secret. I have quite recently developed an undying love for this track called ‘Strange and Beautiful’. Maybe because it’s simple - it's just damn fine hopeful music.

6 Pulses Say:

Anupama said...

And yes, being lost continued over the new year...you know what I'm going to call you right after I leave this note to say your writing is a joy and I look forward to more and more of it over the coming years...have a wonderful year ahead Eve...one that is filled with all that is dearest to you in life and in your dreams, each fulfilled and bringing you more happiness by the day...TC :)

Eveline said...

A special thank you to you, Anupama, for being such a wonderful reader, friend and fellow blogger.
My resolution for 2010 is to read at least one of your recommended books. (I'm shooting for 5, but being the underachiever that I am, I'm not going to delude myself.) I wish you a wonderful 2008. You won't forget this coming year for the rest of your life. That's pretty special. :)

agent green glass said...

eve, first, that header picture is awesome. freaking hell, i want to change my header pix right now.

second, happy new year. and thank you for all the music. i have heard so much stuff, and such great stuff, and googled and youtubed after your posts that i really owe you.

i hope the year brings you happiness, love and everything happy. hugs.

mentalie said...

hello again, and happy 2010 to you too. i see the new year has been keeping you seriously busy having a good time so far ;p
ps: just out of curiosity, is there a reason you are wishing anupama a happy 2008?

SwB said...

Happy New Year Prissy! Keep on rocking! Love & hugs.

Eveline said...

@agent green glass: Glad you liked the new header - what a huge relief! :P
Thank you for dropping by, commenting, listening to the music I put up and sharing the love in 2009. I hope you'll continue to do just that in 2010.
Thanks for a great year!

@Mentalie: Oh, damn! I'll probably have to blame that on my aging body.
I would've been be very disappointed if I weighed less this new year.
Oh yeah, may 2009 not suck! :)

@SwB: Right backatcha! It was great reading your blog in 2009 and I'm excited for the year to come!