July 30, 2010

First, an apology....

..... if I haven't visited your blog lately, I'm sorry. Life has gotten Busy. That's Busy with a capital B. Please don't think I'm ignoring you.

This week has been much better than the last. For one, I haven't worked my ass off. I checked. It's started to grow back. This week I've been much more hopeful about my verdict for good days. Granted, it's been gloomier and colder and harder to get out of bed but once I'm dressed and out of the house, I'm good to go. A good cup of tea at work might start the day right, maybe a nice comment from one of you when I check my mail in the morning. But sometimes, it just takes a little more. I need a sign.

I was on Facebook the other day, and a friend of mine posted this video from the rock 'n roll fable ‘Almost Famous’. I love the way Billy Crudup sings this verse in the movie -

“Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
you had a busy day today.”

And in a odd moment of lucidity, I try to imagine myself as the kid from that movie, holed up, like me, for reasons he’d probably rather not talk about; only in his case, he’d bring his older sister’s record collection circa 1970. I liked to imagine me out in a dark studio, smoking weed and spinning records, seemingly at random — or, like me, according to his own, seemingly directionless, barely under control.

‘Almost Famous’ is easily one of the straight up films ever made, and it somehow manages that without treading on over sentimentalism even for a minute. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies. And when it was released I got a copy for myself. Totally worth it.

Elton John with Tiny Dancer gracing this post on EC. Going out especially to the birthday girl, Natasha.

July 24, 2010

The past week has been busy. Very busy. I was stuck between work and the hospital. Mom had a high fever and it rapidly went downhill. She was taken to the hospital for a check-up but after getting there, Dad was told to admit her. Which he did. She was given IV immediately and then our family began freaking out. There's nothing quite so bad as not knowing what the problem is. The next day my mom was diagnosed with Dengue and her blood platelet count had drastically reduced. So everyday this past week I’ve been heading to the hospital after work and sleeping on their very uncomfortable beds. I had very little sleep but every time I looked at mom in bed taking all those breathing treatments, cords and tubes running into her, I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. Then, right away, I felt thankful. Thankful that it wasn’t worse.

She’s now, finally back with us. Thank god, home. Sleeping in our own beds under the same roof. I love my mom. Without her being around, my world almost came to a serious standstill. Moms are the most courageous, most devoted kick-ass people who walk among us. To my mom, thank you for being so awesome.

'Fields of Gold' is easily one of my favorite tracks ever layed down by Gordon Sumner aka Sting and I was blown away upon hearing a cover of it. That’s why I can boldly state my love for this rendition by one of the best musicians out there; that being the legendary Eva Cassidy.
Everything about this track is perfection. The nature of this song perfectly complements her elegant flow. Artists today wish they could drop it like Cassidy. This track is so good I’m tempted to simply stop now and publish this post. In the most basic sense this cover simply works. Enjoy.

July 16, 2010

You'll be pleased to know that a day has passed without illness...and there’s some considerable amount of excitement happening too! Sadly, the night wasn't quite as torture-free - I experienced something of a relapse yesterday. But I’m back to feeling better now. All of it focused around the concert of my favourite band tonight.
If I hadn't mentioned it, I've been taking the week light. So, posting will be slightly scanty. Okay, okay...I'll probably be motivated by my insane need to entertain and I'll post every other day but just don't expect sharp wit or dazzling social observations. I'm giving my mind some time to cool.

Soulmate — Legendary Blues and Soul band from Shillong and recently awarded Rolling Stones’ Female Vocalist of the Year winner TIPRITI 'TIPS' KHARBANGAR and Guitarist of the Year RUDY WALLANG will perform tonight at 8 pm, Friday, July 16 at the B-Flat Lounge, 100 ft Rd, B’lore. Tickets are priced at 300.

I actually stumbled upon this single track by The Octopus Project the other day.

While I’m being a giant nerd, combing the internet for interesting news, or working I sometimes have a bit of liberty to listen to music. And then, at other times, all of those activities collide and I find a track like this that simply must be passed on. Enjoy.

The Octopus Project - The Adjustor

July 11, 2010

Dudes. Being Sick is Horrid.

I've had an achy body and a fever for, like, 2 days and I just slept for 10 hours straight. Right now, I just want a cute boyfriend who will bring me soup, caress my hair, tuck me in bed and make me feel all better. There should be a decree - this shit needs to happen during the week, not on weekends.

And since I’ve jacked up on a lot of meds, I'm fearful you shouldn't hold out much hope for the quality of what's to follow.

As I might have revealed, I feel like crap. But I’m pretty good at being sick – I lay low, drink lots of fluids, read magazines and check Facebook quite regularly. The combination of a sick day plus a rainy day yesterday was getting to be too much even for me, so I tried to bundle up and go into the city to do some shopping, but the thought of getting out of my slacks kind of wore me out, so I’m going to return to my strict regimen of Drinking Fluids and Looking at Stuff for one more day.

When I felt sick during my school days I was allowed to stay at home and watch TV all day. I'd overindulge on old episodes of Knight Rider, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, The Lucy Show and The Centurions. And if you're too little to remember those shows or weren't even alive when they were on, please don't tell me. It would depress me. And I'm physically frail as it is.

Speaking of television, I have to admit I'm kinda digging Castle. When I first watched it, I thought it sucked. I didn't get the excitement. Now, it rox (and rox is to rocks as hot is to hott - you read it here first).

Okay. Good evening...or good night...or whatever. I'm getting back in bed.

If you need me, I'll be the one surrounded by tissues clutching a bottle of cough syrup like a homeless dude holds on to a bottle of cheap alcohol for dear life.

I’m not gonna lie, I wish I had the time and eloquence to cover all this music that I’ve suddenly discovered but an overpowering workload and being sick makes that sort of thing difficult – no matter how much I’d enjoy doing it. Not only am I unfocused, but it takes a lot for me to even begin to wind down and give any artist my complete attention. That’s the beauty of it all, though I guess. That instant where I am able to really just become infatuated with a track and talk hungrily on its details… which brings me to the subject of The Stills, an indie rock group from Canada. These guys have been producing music for almost a decade now. ‘Retour a vega’ is captivating and irresistible. The French lyrics sprinkle on top of a pulsating beat and an absurdly catchy hook. You almost need to make up a new word for this song, because “catchy” just don’t cut it in describing how friggin’ addicting the song is.

July 05, 2010

The Witch Of…. What?

My blog is not just a music blog. It's about me. I'm self-absorbed like that but then, I created this space and I write it. I've always loved and been interested in fashion. Dressing up well is a part of me, this site is about me, therefore, on occasions, like this one for instance, I may write about fashion accessories. If you've tuned in for any amount of time, you know where I'm coming from. It shouldn't be shocking. I've never hidden my fiery propensity towards pretty things.

People like me aren't usually confident in the standard type of jewelry neither something too flashy, but these rings seem like something everyone can get behind.

If you are fond of modern chic and well, crazy about music this is something you would like. It looks quite comfortable to wear and for stylista’s and fashionista’s, I guess nothing matters but how you carry your style.

Sakura Koshimizu, the designer of these waveform rings, takes a custom-made soundtrack and laser cuts the waveform out on the silver band. And you can get anything recorded, given it's short enough to fit on the band.

This is something I’d totally want to wear when compared to something classic or conventional. I’m going to be adding this to my wishlist today!

This weekend found me in new slacks (I'm sorry but when I use the word slacks I feel about 65 years old) in bed watching a show called ‘Leverage’. (God damn, I’m exciting.) My bro-in-law returned from a business trip. And I do love hot guys and alcohol. So we blew off going out, caught the football matches and reveled in the Deutsch goodness (I say that with a truckload of sarcasm because honestly, I switched loyalty last minute and watched Argentina blow it. Serves me right, eh? Then I just stayed in bed finishing off the remaining seasons of ‘Leverage’. (You're totally, edge-of-your seat spellbound at this point, aren't you?). Spent the rest of the weekend cleaning up my room, bringing out the quilts and thicker bedspreads in anticipation of the cold. Then? Takeout for dinner.

You so want to hang out with me now don't you?

The cast of GLEE puts their best foot forward. And by best foot forward I mean they clearly draw from some legendary acts in creating their sound. There are covers of Madonna, KISS, Journey, Van Halen, U2, Heart, and Phil Collins that were peppered throughout this entire show.
One track came to mind while I was writing this post, and maybe not for any true musical parallels. The track is a cover of the most famous P-Funk songs by Funk band – Parliament - put out by the GLEE cast. I feel as if this was a gem sprinkled amongst a largely forgettable genre. Finally, with the release of this number, both the genre and the show seem to have lived up to their potential.