March 06, 2009

Life in The Fast Lane

Life has been moving pretty fast lately. Absurdly fast. Today was no different. Honestly I can’t believe that it’s already Friday and our office space will be at a new location from Monday onwards which will be in easy driving distance from home and civilization.

Packing all the stuff I had at my cubicle was labor intensive, but it really only takes one hand which leaves the other free for (stuff it, perverts) taking these:

Venom & venom at it!
Venom in Singapore
Moi Work Centre

I’m still deciding whether I should quit my job and do some freelancing for awhile (more about that later). I'm working on getting my ducks all in a row and planning a course of action. There's no good reason why things won't fall in a way that benefits me, but I’ve learnt to make progress with extreme carefulness.

So I'm going to throw all of my positive energy into this and see what the Universe gives back. I think the Universe and I have a pretty good connection – well, apart from the time we had a brief spat during 2005 when, against the Universe's advice, I insisted on falling in love and had thought about tying the knot with a ridiculous young man.
I've been throwing a lot of energy into rebuilding synchronization in my life and communication between family members and certain others who I seem to have screwed it up with (nothing on that later). Due to a huge change at work I've been trying to figure out my plan for the future (more on that...whenever the hell I figure out what's going on). Not to mention being considered for and having to turn down the offer to be Governor of B’lore….

So you get it… I've been just a wee ball of stress.

In with the cold air, out with the hot. Inhale. Exhale. Hhhhhooooo….

No big plans for Saturday, other than trying to get my bedroom all tidied up and laundry put away. I will most likely catch up on a week's worth of television I managed to hoard for the weekend.

Sunday: Season 6: Law & Order marathon.

Sunday Night: Wishing for death.

Monday morning: Near impossible task of waking up.

I'm totally tired of listening to the music I have. All of it. That's really saying something, because I have a truckload of music. So, that poses a problem when the first of the month rolls around and I've got to put together some artists I haven’t featured on EC before today. What do I do if I can't stand anything I have? Answer: go completely random.
I've been dabbling in Our Lady Peace lately in an effort to get to know them, so this month I'm just going to pick a random song from their list and hope that March's pick will be further brilliant and spanking new. To be honest the song I’m playing for you guys is one song in particular that really kept my attention today.
You can’t listen to this track and not love it. It’s a song that you simply must hear. Now. Enjoy your weekend fair world.

Download the track here: MP3: Our Lady Peace - Innocent

or listen to it here: