April 11, 2009

A Day at the Doctor’s

It was that time of year, and I was delaying it. My friends told me their results- high cholesterol, low hemoglobin, poor diet…. So I decided there was going to be no more of that dallying around… it was time for my medical check-up, but making that appointment was so damn hard to do. If you're like me, you'd more willingly do housework than go for a physical. However, if you're like me and in your mid 20s, there's really no reason why you shouldn’t go for one. I was putting off the medical check-up because I hate getting blood tests. Nevertheless, with relation to blood tests, I've made some giant treads in the way I behave when I get them in the past few years. The injections don’t hurt like hell like they used to and I don’t come out of the room wailing, holding my arm to my chest as if I’ve just been beaten to a pulp. And here’s a secret…. Don't look at the needle in your arm. When you're body is being jabbed at, do like me. Turn the other way or shut your eyes tight, call upon god or some mystical force, envision your happy place but don't even get a teensy bit curious and take a small peek. You may see crimson and keel over if you're anything like me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Once that was over I wasn't really relieved because then you’re thinking about the results of the blood test and that’s getting you all paranoid. I have to face reality. In the past year my eating habits were way out of control and I am dreading a bad report. I just know that all the butter I slobber over at lunch won’t be so good for my cholesterol, and maybe for the first time in my life I might be dealing with high blood pressure. Strangely enough, when I was done with the X-Ray, the ECG and the Ultrasound which followed the blood test I felt relieved, as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my mind. Granted, I’m still worried about the problems I could have, but my mind feels so much freer and lighter. Getting myself to the hospital was in a way a blessing because it’s going to straighten me into total commitment to start (as well as stay on) a food plan to live healthy.

I'm writing this to egg you guys on; so just go ahead and make that appointment for your medical checkup. Before my band of fans have a scare, let me hurry and guarantee you that I haven’t had my consultation or any of that scary stuff yet. Next week I shall visit the dietician, physician and gynecologist. My blood pressure is up a bit in anticipation of the news. Hopefully, I won’t be asked to make sacrifices on any of my three favorite food groups - alcohol, chocolate and cheese. If I was ever told to stop stuffing my face with junk food they might as well have thrust the sharpest sword in my side. I’d be nothing but a crushed ruin of my former glory if I have to live a miserable and drab future without red meat, cheesy nothings, screwdrivers and all that stuff that makes life worth living.
There is an eclectic artist – Ben Taylor. He’s rising up and moving in to stay awhile. In an era where so many of today's artists make big entrances and seem to vanish after a couple of songs, it is anticipated by many that Ben Taylor won’t be one of them. This artist creates a tasteful blend of rhythm and lyrics welcomed in an era where originality is rare, highly favored and tirelessly pursued.

On listening to his music I’m instantly drawn to the fact that this man has a contemporary sound with an "old school" feel. Listen and you will be pulled in by the rhythm which seem to throw out any feeling of redundancy. The songs are ingenious and on the ball. The track I’m playing today is titled "Time of the season" and is a bit up-tempo; a little different from the rest of his music… but go ahead take a listen I’m sure you’ll like it!

(EDIT: source for this post's music is Pete. Thanks bro!)