August 27, 2010


Here's something to ponder while you sip your coffee, make plans for the weekend, get ready to have a nice meal or sit in an endless stream of traffic on your way back from work. Who is your role-model? And, in fifty words or less, why? Watch, allow me to demonstrate:

My best friends, Runa and Ruan are my role-models. They stand strong when I cannot, push me towards the right path when decisions are lost upon me, and help me to be a better person. Wonderful people, loyal friends, beautiful chicas, and of course, they have smokin’ hot asses.winking

So - husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, teacher, altar boy, rockstar or football fan - let me have it.

In an interesting turn of events, I won last quarter’s ‘Star Performer’ award and my team (Display Advertising) won the most prestigious annual award our company can give to any individual/team; and this is among 13,900 employees in the world. The gods of technology seem to be cutting me some slack. It was a good day. Now? I need chocolate...and tea...lots of tea.

Sinead O’Connor's 'Nothing Compares To You' cover by Stereophonics

I still really, really, really love this song.

As I was struggling through one of my longer runs on the treadmill, this song came up on my playlist. (Yeah, what’s up? I listen to this Sinead O’Connor cover while running.) One of the ways I get through the parts where I just don’t want to run anymore is allow myself a little psychotic lip-syncing singing along with whatever is playing. I was working my way towards the end of a run, and mouthing the words to this song while people did their stretches and lifted weights. And by “lip-syncing,” I mean puffing out incomplete lyrics, by which I mean crazily panting, “I CAN EAT MY DINNER IN A FANCY RESTAURANT.”

I’m at a point in my life where I’m fortunate to discover so many wonderful covers. As I’ve said before in other EC posts, I’m a sucker for good covers. And Sinead O’Connor’s famous ‘Nothing compares to you’ covered by Welsh band Stereophonics is pure class. There is something captivating about spitting venom over a gorgeous O’Connor backdrop. I simply cannot force my brain to move beyond this track. If you have only one song to listen to today this should be your choice.

Keep listening to good music.

8 Pulses Say:

iAmCha said...

Dearest Eveline,

What is "smokin' hot asses"? :D

Congratulations on the win.

I suggest that you and your Chicas take a trip to the Kaziranga National Park to witness the last of the surviving Rhinoceros Unicornis... and most importantly drink premium World Class 'A' Tea like you have never drunk before.

Love love Sinead O'Connor.

Thanks for the music.
Take regular Naps.

ku2 said...

haha @ running to a ballad-y song.
Did you run in slo-mo then? Im one of those who has to forgets how to walk when she hears ultra-fast or really slow music being played. Yes, I walk to a certain rhythm.
Love thsi song, and like you, I know only certain parts of it, like the fancy restaurant and "tell me baby, where did i go wrong?"

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! :)

My role model will be this friend of mine. Not in every aspect. But on some. You know. Someone who appears when you are having a tough time, gently and patiently nudges and points out the way and expects nothing in return.

ps: Love the song. Really liked this post. Going to make myself some tea. Looks like a lovely dawn :)

Unknown said...

My role model used to be my late dad. But I found out later that he and me were as different as night and day. So then I looked inside myself and found out that I am my own boss, so I model after myself - which would be way more interesting than many guys around me. Every soul is unique, why copy others?

Eveline said...

@Imchaba: Wish I could. I would like this week to evaporate as well.
Thank you for the wishes. But it's great that I dont have to work today, it's such lovely weather outside :)

@Ku2: The song really doesn't affect the way I move. I just use the music as a distraction. So 20 minutes of running would be over without me knowing it. Just recently I’ve been showing my obsession with fitness. I’m addicted to the sore feeling in my muscles. I don’t mind being ridiculously sore and there is something calming about sweating out your worries and working through stiff muscles while listening to soppy music. Am I weird? Maybe. As I say every day, “Embrace me as I am, World. I have.”

@Choco: I think we're both grateful to have the friends we have, and grateful that we could take it all in. Sometimes life isn't easy.... but it's still a wonderful adventure that I dont think either of us would want to miss. Thanks for the comment.

@Shadowthorne: A friend had a similar answer when I asked him who his role model was. He saw himself as a perfectionist and had people in his life who had pieces of what he would expect in a role model, but not the whole. Doesn't mean he didn't love 'em, he just wouldn't want to be 'em. :)

Runa said...

Oh prissi, I just saw this post! And i'm so thrilled and honored and humbled about the whole role model thing. And i hope to use it as blackmail later on ;) Love u. Muah!

Ru said...

Prisy! I'm touched! I love you! :) :*

Eveline said...

@Runa & Ruan: Like a moth to a flame, I keep returning to you guys. Unlike psoriasis, you are the itch that is fun to scratch!I have been blessed. Thank you girls.