September 01, 2008

On The Subject of Cooking Shows, Neville, Music and More

I hardly get to watch TV because as soon as I return home from work I’m on the laptop again typing my thoughts away. When I do watch TV, (which is sometimes on the weekends) my older sister is usually at home handling the remote and I’m forced to watching a cooking show on Travel and Living. Let me tell you these shows are everywhere and you can’t seem to change channels without coming across one. As much as I don’t cook (unless you can call making Maggi cooking), I have occasionally watched these shows and I’ve noticed a few things that stand out. So most cooking shows are about making great meals at the comfort of your own home with ingredients that you can find quite easily. But the stuff cooks always use on their shows, are things I’ll never find in my kitchen or at the local store or at a fancy store or in B’lore altogether. Can some hot, talkative cook just tell me what I can do with bread, eggs, tea and normal cheese? If they can, then they might be worth watching. Then we come to the tasting act. The same bloody reaction from every damn cook gets kinda frustrating. For once I wouldn’t like to hear the ‘mmmm...’ and ‘ooooooohhh’ and the ‘it’s divine’ or ‘mouth-watering’ or ‘heaven on your tongue’ (well, you get it). I would love to hear someone say ‘it fucking hell tasted like horseshit’. Not really, but I’d just like to hear it once rather than watching someone pretty much getting turned on by food. I hear female cooks like va- va- voom Nigella Lawson is getting a lot of male viewers. Guess that moaning thing’s not going to change anytime soon.

I know I keep going on about this quite often but you gotta feel my pain. The state of the music industry- it’s so very obvious the junk that’s famous nowadays. And yet numerous people continue to support the very junk that waters down the quality of music.

I hope you guys have visited the new blog I’ve created. As you can see I haven’t written more than a post but that’s only because the weekend was horribly crazy. On Wednesday, I should post something on my knight in shining armor. I’m constantly adding new music to this blog so keep reading. If you’ve got any questions/comments please contact me.

I’m finally done with ‘Burn Notice’. Just waiting for the next few episodes of Season 2 to be released in the US. It is a good action series and an entertaining watch. Definitely worth watching to understand the life of a spy.

I finally got to see the musical ‘All Shook Up’ and it was a great experience. Two and a half hours later I was left with the biggest crush on the lead actor- Neville De Nazareth. He could just about be the best imitator of Elvis I’ve seen in B’lore. I know I had mentioned my uncle John was too. He could be the king of the west but Neville- rules in b’lore. He was also one of the contestants at the Opus Kroaknights. Overall, I’m just about recovering from the play last night but still feeling elated because of all the dancing I saw and the singing I heard.

The Wallflowers have made its mark on the music world, while amassing their own, unique group of devotees and selling millions of records in the process. Their reputation as a must-listen-to-band is well deserved… So check out their track below titled ‘One Headlight’.