May 26, 2008

I see his face and all that plays is this:

‘If a picture paints a thousand words
Then why cant I paint you?
The words will never show
The you I’ve come to know

If a face could launch a thousand ships
Then where, I to go?
There’s no one home but you
You’re all that’s left me too.’-

"If" by BREAD

Boy! Did he do a number on me or what.

Introducing the Soul Sistas!

An unlikely Amazonian trio. Backbenchers in some classroom. Similar musical inclinations. One creature, extemely knowledgable and ingenious. The other a jester on the move and a person who’ll imitate the worst of you especially when you need to make an impression. The third cant be spoken about too much. Something volatile and a hyperactive amalgamation would be the closest that you can get to an explanation.
Visionaries of a skeptical age. They do their own thing on their own terms, and of course it doesn't sit well most of the time, even with it being the 21st century and all. Wild broken stars destined to waver in their importance in the cosmos, they know no boundaries. Apart from these things that keep them together, they long for the unhinged freedom that comes with music that challenges everything they know and have learnt.
They have voices that would swell into harmonious melodies but would rather enjoy a good show when given the chance. Not all people are made to be stars or meant to be on stage.
Constantly breaking through layers of remarkable idiocy, worldly weirdness, exasperation and logic fumbling. They have come a long way since popular music and have found innate happiness in sneaky shadows of the music industry.

They don’t need a stage for one to explore their explosive personalities they just need to be known.

An Upcomming Local Band

I know, I know! Two blogs in just a day… what can I say? I’m on a roll! A creative trajectory as unpredictable as the Indian Cricket team. Lately, my memory’s been good. So I’m going to inscribe all I can remember about music I enjoy. The band I’m going to write about hasn’t been officially launched yet but they’re getting famous with time.
Bangalore boys- Tony Das, Alwyn, Tillu, Mark Lazaro and Prakash- quite known in music circles around the place, were hand picked by Music Mogul and Producer Sandeep Chowta to make music that B’lore wouldn’t have quite heard before.
I knew Tony Das and the vocalist Mark Lazaro and that’s the only reason I’ve been in touch with the band. The first time I saw them perform, it was in Dec., I think. The weather couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to rain or not. A couple of bands had already performed including Lounge Piranha and I was one of the few women who were there that late cheering the band on.
Then came up the guys known as Karma6- Bangalore’s very own. Mark Lazaro, the lead vocalist- dressed in black and his hair curlier as ever, living out the ultimate singer’s dream. He grabbed the microphone and belted out ‘Fix you’ and ‘Speed of Sound’ by Coldplay, ‘Sometimes I feel like screaming’ by Deep Purple, ‘Shine’ by Mr. Big, ‘Afterglow’ by INXS and ‘Pretender’ by Foo Fighters. I had a chance to talk to him once and to hear him talk about music is the best feeling in the world. Hearing him sing made you want to release your inner rock star! This young, energetic group of musicians demonstrate a refined style that is largely unhindered by the type of hero-worship that often marks a young band. They filled that night in Dec. with some high energy and proved themselves to be an unbeaten live act and ferocious musicians that cannot be stopped.
Several months later… fast forwarding to April ’08, the band released their first video shot by National Geographic. The song's release marked the impressive rise of the band and the message they sent out can be felt throughout.
Karma6 is working to record a full-length album very soon, and in the meantime, they will be playing on as many stages for all to enjoy.

An Encounter with the Little Sparrow


I picked up this DVD because the cover looked interesting and most importantly, it had to do with ‘music’. The film is about legendary French singer- Edit Piaf. I’ve never heard of the name or her music before this movie but I’m delighted to own a copy because the entire film right from the script, cinematography and music down to the cast, the colors and exploration of each scene was immaculate!
La Vie en Rose is an amazing 2 ½ hr journey. I wasn’t a Piaf fan but this movie does move her to the top of my star list.
What makes the movie truly magical is Marion Cotillard's riveting performance. She engages you the entire movie with her transfixing voice and that’s what does it for me. Edit Piaf's singing style is absolutely uncanny, fascinating and… spellbinding… and– she defines ‘Living the Song’.
My favourite song in the movie- ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’.