May 01, 2010

After a long, work-filled week, it’s finally Saturday. Luckily for me, it’s going to be a weekend with a chock-full of things to do. And, really there's nothing better than getting out of the usual office wear and into weekend pj’s.
Stretching and curling my toes under my quilt, I realize - not for the first time - that I would just be really happy to sleep in a bed that feels and smells the most familiar. Perhaps it's the ideal weight of the quilt, the way the pillow embraces my head, the unmatched smell collected of sleep and hair and books and dreams; and the bed that waits for me like a timeworn ship ready to bear me to fairer lands.

But before I set out to discover lounge-land, there are two people that I would like to mention in this post. This weekend is going to be a special one, mainly because it’s their birthday. I won't tell you which one, not that I think they care.

Happy Birthday Pete. I can't offer you much advice except to keep on truckin'... Remember that you're pretty good at what you do. Or you wouldn't still be doing it. And for the love of Phil Collins have a little faith in yourself.

Happy Birthday Runa. And what a sweeping difference a year makes. Last year I was throwing you a terrible surprise party. This year, well, um, we'll eat popcorn and celebrate your last year as a single lady. I'll be right here for the next 27 years. And hopefully many more. Happy birthday, my love.

Because I don't listen only to sad music and because it's a Saturday here’s a track that hails from Paul Dateh’s ‘The Good Life’ and it’s titled ‘Hope that you’, which quite possibly could be the perfect tune for a Saturday. It’s up-tempo enough to keep you awake and happy enough to get through another week.

Enjoy your weekend world.