August 23, 2010

"Drink Tea....Destroy Everything!"

Things have not started out well...

There are three kinds of moods I seem to break out into depending on the way I feel and the significance of whatsoever it is that happens to be off beam. First, there's the I'm somewhat bothered and/or sore but, hey, I'll get over it mood which is more grumpy than anything. It's effortlessly treated by receiving a hug or waving something shiny in front of me. Next, and to some extent more tough, is the damnit, I'm mad, I feel like crap, so get your asses out of my way, people, marked by a more serious mood. Finally, there's the horrific holy shit, people, a pack of untamed chimpanzees somehow made it into the place, climbed a flight of stairs and started gnawing on my limbs mood. You would think that the conclusion of humankind as prophesized by the book of Revelations was playing out.

This morning? It was that third thing.

Then, before I knew it, the driver was calling and, of course, I let the phone ring over and over again even though I was so late because I was feeling about as inspired to go to work as I am to let wild rabbits consume my brain. When I did head to work, it was cold and blustery and the traffic sucked. I strolled into my office, took a sip of tea and ordered breakfast. Instead of it being the standard slightly grilled cheese sandwich, they dumped gallons of some green gooey crap into it and burnt my breakfast beyond recognition. I felt betrayed. Those men at the cafeteria, I thought they knew me. I thought we were tight. Soulless dogs.

I have meetings and countless hours of work standing between me and the weekend. I think it’s time to get more tea.

It’s been a while since I had some Alternative rock to listen to and Lifehouse’s ‘Joshua’ is filling that void quite nicely. Music from this band is always a huge plus in my book. This single is a remarkable display of guitar-light rock. The shimmering riffs that slip into the song are mixed in with some truly lovely guitar interplay all finishing in a densely layered, glorious tune. The dynamic highs and lows will be familiar to anyone who’s ever put on a Lifehouse record, but the band’s elegant musical craftsmanship are enough for them to make their own mark in the alternative-rock world.
This song from Lifehouse, was totally unknown to me until I was looking through their ‘Rare & Unplugged’ album. It’s yet another one of those things I listen to and think “damn, I wish I’d made that.