June 20, 2008

Concerto from the Outspoken

Tired, very tired. Feel like my poor little brain has been over-worked. I finally finished categorizing 600 cases… Phew! Hoping next week will be better.

Facebook is really addictive. There are tons of classmates and childhood buddies who want to get in touch with you. I think my addiction to facebook isn’t as bad as some others (atleast I’d like to think so). I must say that it’s better than any other social networking site. It held my attention longer than any of them did.

Dexter is addictive too. I coaxed my friend into watching it with me and now she loves it so much. Today, we watched the last episode of the second season together. It was quite disheartening to let the serial killer go. Boo Hoo!

My twin wants to talk to me about her new boyfriend. Everytime we’re together, all conversations lead to her new romance. It’s past annoying already. Then again, I have other things to worry about at the moment.

While my parents don’t approve of me drinking alcohol, me and alcohol get along pretty well. I’m a beer kind of person and luckily for me, the people at work like beer too so at company parties, beer always flows freely!

Yes, Euro 2008 is here and my family’s glued to the television. No particular favorite team for me. I just like watching soccer. It’s short and what a better reason than watching good-looking men in shorts running on the field. Cristiano Ronaldo, Nuno Gomez and Michael Ballack - you make soccer worth watching!

Colleagues at work are making plans of leaving. A couple of months ago I wanted to join the rebels and quit too. But with the new process I kinda like it here. It’s no more reviewing and writing 70 character ads but some serious investigating- man! I feel like a cop. (Flashing my badge) ‘The online police are here. Advertisers fret not!’

Tomorrow it’s clubbing at a particular club on church street! Dance, dance, dance some more and drink myself silly! The music’s not going to be very nice. Electro and house - whatever that is. I’m guessing after a couple of pitchers of beer it won’t really matter what’s playing. All that dancing is going be the first real exercise I manage to get in two months!

I feel like there’s so much I can get done in one day but I never have the energy to do half of it.

Hope everyone else’ world is doing fine.

New one from Lee Ann Rimes called ‘Nothing Better To Do’. Been listening to it all day.